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Is This The Killer Banking App To Get America Saving?

Saving money challenges the majority of Americans. Digit combines simplicity & consumer analytics to build savings automatically.



Americans + Saving Money = Wishful Thinking

U.S. consumers like to think they are saving money, but few have more than $500 in the bank. People want to save more, but they need help.



Gen-Y Stressed Most Over Debt, Making Savings a Distant Dream

Debt causes millennials the most financial pain, paralyzing their ability to save for retirement. They need help, but prefer talking to grown-ups with experience.



Nearly Half Of America Is On The Brink Of Financial Disaster

This in-depth look at the financial state of US consumers paints a dire picture. Roughly 1 in 2 wouldn't survive three months if a crisis arose.



Direct Marketing Clinic: Ally Bank’s Email Techniques

What's Ally Bank doing right with their savings account email promotion? Where could it be better? Two financial marketing experts break down the Ally's email and its landing page.



Direct Marketing Clinic: Chase Mailer Pros & Cons, Tips & Tricks

This case study dissects a Chase Bank direct mail piece -- everything from the offer to design. Want to hide your long, ugly disclosures? Try this cool coupon trick.



Savings Account Lotteries Spike Gains, Get Results

Savings lotteries -- prize-linked, raffle-style “Save to Win” promotions -- dangle cash prizes in exchange for consumers' deposits.



ING Direct Mobile App Encourages Savings Through Small Sacrifices

ING Direct's latest mobile banking tool helps consumers turn small everyday purchases into big savings goals.



ImpulseSave Hopes To Create Spontaneous Savers

Startup company hopes to make saving money anytime, anywhere as easy as it is to spend it.



My Savings Goals: Mental Accounting Trick Or Practical PFM?

A new automatic savings tool from ING Direct aims to breakdown behavioral barriers to savings, but is it really useful?


Word of Mouth Marketing

Word-of-Mouth Banking

What is the impact of word-of-mouth on banking purchases? Do face-to-face referrals generate more business than online? Take a look at this study.



Google’s Data Uncovers Consumers’ Financial Concerns Despite Economic ‘Recovery’

The recession is over? Not according to what people search for on Google.



No Loyalty: Bank Customers May Snap If Slapped With More Fees

One more bank fee may be all it takes to get people to switch. Just big talk, or will they really walk?


Kasasa: A Third-Party National Checking Brand

"Kasasa?" What is it? If Bancvue is right, it's the weapon smaller financial institutions need to successfully compete with big banks for demand-deposit accounts (DDAs) like checking and savings products. The firm…


Save Hard. Spend Smart.

"We believe in the idea that retirement, vacations and optimism are still very doable, and we’re initiating the 'Save Hard, Spend Smart' movement to prove it." -- Umpqua Bank The centerpiece of…


Regions Bank Hopes Consumers LOVE to SAVE

Looking to capitalize on Americans newfound infatuation with personal savings, Regions Bank has launched a new savings initiative, most notably including TV ads and a "Save with Regions" microsite. "SAVE WITH REGIONS"…


Datahead: The Reality of Today’s Financial Consumer

=============================== 39% say the economy is getting better. 35% say the worst is yet to come. 55% of the American public that paid little or no attention to the bank stress tests.…


TD Canada Gives Winner $1 for Every Friend on Facebook

The bank is using a daily giveaway tied to Facebook in an effort to draw attention to its new automatic savings product, the Simply Save program.


Trend Alert: Online Financial Makeover Reality Contests

This year, credit unions across the country are offering "savings challenges," reality-based contests in which selected finalists compete to achieve specific savings and debt reduction goals (see 8 examples below). Participants work…


Wachovia Ties New Automatic Savings Product to Debits

Wachovia is making it easier to save money with an automatic savings system similar to Bank of America's "Keep the Change" program. Way2Save transfers $1 from a customer's Wachovia checking account into…