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Social Media Sentiment for Top US Bank Brands

ViralHeat, a social media consutlancy, quantifies and compares consumer sentiment about big U.S. banks in social media channels.



Checking vs. Prepaid Cards: Threat or Opportunity?

Many banks worry prepaid will cut into their checking business. Some are diving in, while others are sitting on the sidelines, unsure how they want to play the game.



Banks Make Customer Experience Gains, But Credit Unions Are Crushing It

The banking industry has steadily improved their customer service and satisfaction scores over the last three years, but credit unions are way in the lead.



Best of the Web: Visual Trends | À-La-Carte Fees | Fate of Branches

A free webinar on visual trends in banking... Banks are getting creative with fee models... Pundits debate the fate of branch networks... 36 stories total!



Creative Showcase: Good/Bad Billboards, Qrossword, World Record

A pair of clever "teaser" billboards + two odd ones. Citi publishes a QR-code crossword puzzle. And an Aussie bank breaks a world record. 16 items total in this financial marketing portfolio.



In Brief: BofA’s Radical Patents, PFM Is Dead, Gag Order

BofA patents give glimpse at mobile video's radical future… PFM faces challenges… BofA makes social media silence condition on couple's refi… Plus 32 more headlines.



Overdraft Showdown: How The Big Banks Stack Up

Overdraft services have become a critical competitive lever in the war for retail deposits. Big banks are walking a tightrope between profits and cranky customers.



Citi Bikes

Citi is sponsoring a massive 5-year bike sharing program in NYC for a cool $41 million. But any bank or credit union could scale back its own version of this nifty pedal-powered promotion.


Best Brand Ads In Banking Convey Sense Of Trust, Study Says

Consumers conduct more revenue-generating activities when brand advertising focuses on trust-related issues. ING Direct, Chase, TD And Wells Fargo lead the way.



In Brief: Too Crooked To Fail | $4 Gas | Goodbye Pennies!

Is BofA too crooked to fail? ...At $4 per gallon, it's time to give fuel away in your promos …Canada cuts pennies from circulation. Plus 37 more headlines!



The Free And Easy Way To Reward Debit + Online Banking Users

How can financial institutions reward debit card + online banking users (i.e., their best customers)? Here's a solution that costs absolutely nothing. Too good to be true? Here’s how it works.



In Brief: Trust Paradox | 2012 Resolutions | Facebook National Bank

Consumers trust their own bank, but not banks in general… Experts offer advice for 2012... Will Facebook launch its own bank? Plus 33 more headlines.



The Online IQ of Retail Banks: Feeble or Genius?

An NYU study quantifies the digital competence of 17 retail banks, scoring each on an IQ scale. The full report includes a number of fascinating facts, graphs and stats.


Spy on Your AdWords Competitors with SpyFu

Look up what any bank or credit union in the world spends on Google AdWords advertising.


Regions Bank Hopes Consumers LOVE to SAVE

Looking to capitalize on Americans newfound infatuation with personal savings, Regions Bank has launched a new savings initiative, most notably including TV ads and a "Save with Regions" microsite. "SAVE WITH REGIONS"…