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Regulatory Shocker On Social Media In Banking Coming Soon

Proposed regs for social media say banks and credit unions will need to have a formal written strategy, monitor social mentions and (gasp!) even measure ROI.



Is Facebook The Only Social Channel That Really Matters?

A series of infographics created by The Financial Brand put Facebook's complete and utter dominance of the social media landscape in perspective.


11% of Consumers Have a Social Media Connection with Their Bank? No Way…

A Fiserv study on social media tells folks what they want to believe, even if the math doesn't pencil out.


What Is Social Media Really All About? Who Knows

Is it any wonder financial marketers are unclear about "social media" when even the so-called experts can’t agree on what it is or isn’t?


Why Social Media Is a Waste of Time for Most Banks & Credit Unions

11 reasons why social media has generally been unproductive for most financial institutions.


Online Marketing: How Do You Stack Up?

Earlier this August, 154 financial institutions participated in The Financial Brand’s 2010 Online Marketing Study, including 49 retail banks and 93 credit unions. 64 of the participants had $1 billion in assets…


Fighting Axe Grinders and Their Online Vendettas

The Scenario Someone feels they’ve been mistreated by your financial institution. They’re pissed off, so they launch a hard-hitting online vendetta against you, centering around a new blog or website. They pull…


Q&A: Integrated Social Media + Financial Marketing

The Financial Brand sat down with Tim McAlpine, president and creative director of Currency Marketing, to talk about integrated social media marketing for financial institutions. As one of the financial industry's most…


U22 Gen-Y Account Offers More Than Same-Old Checking

"Some parents will talk to their sons and daughters about the birds and the bees...but not the bills." -- GTE FCU's U22 Account GTE Federal Credit Union's U22 account, designed specifically for…