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M&T Archive

Banks Helping Tardy Mortgage Borrowers Get New Jobs

Banks in the US are giving distressed homeowners a hand, helping them land new jobs instead of kicking them out on the street.


10 Logos From Big Banking Brands Redesigned by The Financial Brand

To stay relevant, modern brands need to update their logo on a regular basis. Here are 10 logos from banks and credit unions redesigned by The Financial Brand.


At $4+ Per Gallon, It’s Time to Fuel Your Promotions With Gas Giveaways

With gas prices soaring, there's no better time to use free fuel in your financial institution's contests, giveaways and sweepstakes.


Branch Showcase: M&T Green | BNZ’s Concept Store | TD’s Slipque

A portfolio of 16 branch environments with over 65 photos, including M&T, BNZ, TD, Barclays and more.


Branch Showcase: M&T, National City, Integra, BofA, Sovereign, Webster

M&T BANK - BRANDED ATM SURROUND  (BALTIMORE) This multi-dimensional display incorporates a fresh, new brand identity into the branch. Sheets of acrylic in the brand's colors layer over a white acrylic backlit…