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User Experience Crucial to Mobile Banking Usage

Research finds that mobile design and customer experience ratings are strongly correlated to mobile banking app adoption and usage.


padlock on smart mobile phone and laptop computer computer security concept

Why Authentication Matters for Digital Marketers

One of the ways to increase mobile banking and mobile payments acceptance is to make the digital authentication process simple and secure.


Photo ID

Mobile Banking App Helps In-Branch Onboarding

Mobile photo pre-fill during new account opening can help both mobile and in-branch customer onboarding.



Photo Bill Pay Drives Mobile Banking Engagement

Capturing a photo of a bill can simplify a normally tedious process and improve mobile banking engagement.



Beat Big Banks By Marketing The Mobile Services They Don’t Have

Smaller institutions don't have to concede the battle for mobile bankers to big boys. Here's how they can use their size as an advantage.



7 Ways Financial Marketers Can Boost Mobile Banking Adoption Rates

How can bank and credit union marketers drive more mobile banking users? Here's seven ideas, starting with the juiciest targets: existing customers.



The Real Revolution In Payments Is Just Around the Corner

The banking industry is on the cusp of a revolutionary new payments system that is fully digital and built on a smartphone backbone.


3 Phones

Banking Innovation For The Fat-Fingered

Some of the best banking innovations use the camera functionality of the smartphone to simplify a customer's banking life.



Consumers Can Switch Banks In Under a Minute With Smartphone Cameras

In less than 60 seconds, people can open a new bank account simply using the camera on their iPhone or iPad.



Photo Bill Pay Makes Bank Switching A Snap

Consumers can soon pay old-fashioned paper bills simply by snapping pictures of them with their smartphones. This mobile banking feature will transform the bank switching process.