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Inside the Mind of The Mortgage Consumer

Research reveals consumers' attitudes towards home ownership, mortgage rates, renting, the economy, and household finances.



7 Major Trends Redefining Today’s Banking Consumers

Financial marketers can sharpen their strategic plan with this fascinating research-based psychological profile of today's banking consumers.



How Consumers’ Wallets Have Changed Radically in Just 10 Years

Study reveals how drastically consumers' wallets have changed in the last decade, particularly for Millennials and Boomers.



Russia’s Biggest Bank Gives Free Cats To Mortgage Customers

Russia's largest bank is loaning out cats to customers who get a home loan. The only catch: you can't keep the cute kitten.



Great Time to Market Home Loans… Just Make It Look Easy

Consumers are optimistic about the housing market, but borrowers are begging lenders to simplify and streamline the process.



Facebook Calculator Generates Loans for Financial Institutions

More than just another financial calculator, Calcubot helps banks and credit unions sell auto loans and mortgages via social channels.



Banks Helping Tardy Mortgage Borrowers Get New Jobs

Banks in the US are giving distressed homeowners a hand, helping them land new jobs instead of kicking them out on the street.



Industry First: Bank Ties Home Loan Rates to Facebook ‘Likes’

One of the biggest banks in New Zealand is taking a page straight out of Groupon’s playbook and adding a lottery twist, where Facebook fans determine mortgage rates.



The Culture of Borrowing and Debt: An Ethnographic Approach

What are people’s philosophy and attitudes toward loans and debt? And how can financial marketers respond to their basic emotional needs in the lending process?



Huge Potential For Hispanic Home Loans… If Lenders Can Get It Right

One in three Hispanics plan to buy a home, but 43% say they had an "extremely" or "very stressful" experience when buying their last home.



Room For Improvement In Home Loan Process, Study Shows

The average home buyer considers two banks when applying for a mortgage. Most end up lending from a bank where they did not already have an account. Why?



Gen-Y After The Recession: Fewer Homes, Fewer Cars, Less Debt

After running up record debt during the bubble economy, young adults shed substantially more debt than older adults during the Great Recession and its aftermath.



Google Trends Reveal Banking Insights, Social Media Zeitgeist

Using Google Trends, bank and credit union marketers can find a wealth of information right at their fingertips.



Gen-Y ‘Turned Off’ By Banks, Worried About Finances

Twentysomethings are frustrated by banks, less likely to own a home and will do just about anything for money when they need to cover bills.


Word of Mouth Marketing

Word-of-Mouth Banking

What is the impact of word-of-mouth on banking purchases? Do face-to-face referrals generate more business than online? Take a look at this study.


Datahead: Foreclosure Crisis by the Numbers

Banks like Ally, Chase, Citi and BofA halt repossessions across America. How big is the foreclosure problem in the US? What do the numbers really say?


Datahead: Channels, Checks, Trust & Trends

Delivery channels by generation… Levels of consumer trust… Breakdown of NSF and overdraft fee income… Search for home equity slows to a trickle… Much more.


Datahead: Profit, Promotions, NSF and More…

1 in 2 checking accounts are unprofitable… 36% of credit unions are unprofitable… US banks charged $30B in NSF fees in 2007…


Aussie Bank Slips on Banana Analogy

A three-minute video comparing Westpac Bank’s lending rates to the costs of making smoothies is driving Australians bananas. In an attempt to justify Westpac’s 45 basis point jump in standard variable mortgage…


BofA Feels Bullish With New Ads

Normally when a company like BofA makes a big acquisition, it's eager to tout the triumph in a big ad campaign. Not the case with its acquisitions of Countrywide and Merrill Lynch.…