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30 Gorgeous (and Simple) Banking Websites

More and more retail financial institutions are trying to liven up their online experience by redesigning website homepages with an emphasis on visual simplicity.


Creative Showcase: Good/Bad Billboards, Qrossword, World Record

A pair of clever "teaser" billboards + two odd ones. Citi publishes a QR-code crossword puzzle. And an Aussie bank breaks a world record. 16 items total in this financial marketing portfolio.


Hi, My Name Is… BluCurrent, Fieldstone, Evolve, Catalyst

What's the rationale behind these new monikers in the retail banking sector? Here's a review of 11 notable name changes by banks and credit unions.


Renaming & Rebranding: Boomerang, Catalyst, Icon, iBank

11 recent name changes including Boomerang, Catalyst, Avidbank, Icon, Points West, Infinia, Astera and Luminus.


Creative Showcase: Gay Controversy | VW Bus & Zamboni | QR Codes

Bank struggles with gay stereotype. • Advertising "vehicles" drive awareness. • A total of 18 marketing projects from banks and credit unions.


7 Reasons to Use Your Slogan as a URL

If you have a brand tagline, why not turn it into a memorable marketing URL?