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Fifth Third Soaks Up Social Media Success Finding Jobs for Customers

The bank's campaign to find new jobs for customers who were struggling with their mortgage payments struck a chord with consumers in social channels.



Banks Helping Tardy Mortgage Borrowers Get New Jobs

Banks in the US are giving distressed homeowners a hand, helping them land new jobs instead of kicking them out on the street.



Social Media Sentiment for Top US Bank Brands

ViralHeat, a social media consutlancy, quantifies and compares consumer sentiment about big U.S. banks in social media channels.



10 Logos From Big Banking Brands Redesigned by The Financial Brand

To stay relevant, modern brands need to update their logo on a regular basis. Here are 10 logos from banks and credit unions redesigned by The Financial Brand.



Banks Make Customer Experience Gains, But Credit Unions Are Crushing It

The banking industry has steadily improved their customer service and satisfaction scores over the last three years, but credit unions are way in the lead.



Banks Fearing Scrooge Image Halt Evictions For Christmas

Most large banks have announced -- and rather publicly -- that they are halting foreclosure evictions for the holiday season. A gesture of good will? Or an awkward PR play?



Consumers Confused By Checking Disclosures Riddled With Landmines

It takes 2+ hours to read the average bank's checking account disclosure form. But banks and credit unions can cut it down to 1-2 pages. If BofA can do it, so can you.



The Most Successful Retail Banking Ads In 2010

Researchers studied over 500 bank ads in 2010 to determine which were the most successful and why.



Overdraft Showdown: How The Big Banks Stack Up

Overdraft services have become a critical competitive lever in the war for retail deposits. Big banks are walking a tightrope between profits and cranky customers.



Fifth Third’s ‘Duo’: The First Real Combined Debit + Credit Card in the US

The Duo Card, a combined credit and debit card, makes Fifth Third the first card issuer in the U.S. to offer this kind of dual functionality in one piece of plastic.



The Online IQ of Retail Banks: Feeble or Genius?

An NYU study quantifies the digital competence of 17 retail banks, scoring each on an IQ scale. The full report includes a number of fascinating facts, graphs and stats.


Creative Showcase: Salt & Pinkie, iAds, U-Pick ’Em

Visa parodies 80’s pop sensation Salt-n-Pepa, plus 15 other financial advertising & marketing projects.


Spy on Your AdWords Competitors with SpyFu

Look up what any bank or credit union in the world spends on Google AdWords advertising.


Creative Showcase: Optical illusions, Hairy Car, Cloning…

A portfolio of 14 unique, unusual and noteworthy creative marketing initiatives from banks and credit unions around the world. Enjoy! Caixa - Fixed But It Moves What a visually clever way to…


Why Social Media Is A Fulltime Job

Many financial institutions delving into social media simply shovel the additional workload on top of the existing marketing staff’s responsibilities. Reality Check: Even if your marketing department has the experience to pull…


Fifth Third: Major Hispanic Marketing Campaign in 2009

"The Hispanic market is a key growth segment for Fifth Third Bank." — Larry Magnesen Fifth Third SVP/CMO Fifth Third has undertaken a full-scale campaign targeting a key strategic segment to the…


Fifth Third launches its biggest ad campaign ever

Fifth Third’s “Unlock Your Dreams” campaign, which started yesterday, centers on a scratchcard and a $250,000 sweepstakes. Anyone can enter by stopping at a branch to pick up their game piece, or…