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Direct Mail Clinic: Designing Home Loan Postcards That Get Results

These case studies show there's more to creating an effective postcard than simply shrinking your promotion down to 9x6 and chopping out some copy.



Creative Showcase: Good/Bad Billboards, Qrossword, World Record

A pair of clever "teaser" billboards + two odd ones. Citi publishes a QR-code crossword puzzle. And an Aussie bank breaks a world record. 16 items total in this financial marketing portfolio.



Direct Marketing Clinic: Chase Mailer Pros & Cons, Tips & Tricks

This case study dissects a Chase Bank direct mail piece -- everything from the offer to design. Want to hide your long, ugly disclosures? Try this cool coupon trick.



How Banks Can Get Results With Direct Marketing In The Digital Age

Dave Braun, President of New Control Direct & Digital, talks about the evolution of data-driven marketing and how financial institutions can achieve success even in tough economic times.



Credit Union’s Use Of Cleavage Sparks Petition, Apology

A credit union associated with the US Senate is forced to apologize for a pop-up mailer pushing loans for boob jobs.



PURLs for Profit: How Zions Bank Harnessed Personalized URLs for Onboarding

To expand the number of banking products per household, Zions Bank embarked on an ambitious personalized URL campaign.


In brief: snapshots and stories of interest

WaMu holds a wake for its brand Listen to a fascinating podcast from NPR's "All Things Considered." WaMu is laying off more than 9,200 employees as JPMorgan Chase takes over, so WaMu…


Six Meaty Reports You Should Check Out

Financial Foresight: New Directions and Opportunities in Visual Communications This 52-page report from Getty Images, the world's largest provider of stock photos, looks at the visual trends emerging in the new world…


In brief: Meltdown marketing and branding challenges

Banks increase direct marketing by 200% Banks are fighting all the bad news they get these days any way they can, which means more direct mail. A lot more. Like double. According…


Countybank Cooking Up Biscuits for Breakfast

It looks like a fresh-baked biscuit. But it's really a direct mail piece (pictured above) sent out by Countybank down in South Carolina. This clever campaign, targeting businesses in the bank's area,…


Branding briefs for April 7, 2008

Return to Sender: Banks spent $13.4 billion on DM in 2007 and get $178.8 back How Many: The ‘top 500’ financial brands ranked from around the world Picture This: Put your own…