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DFCU Financial Archive

At $4+ Per Gallon, It’s Time to Fuel Your Promotions With Gas Giveaways

With gas prices soaring, there's no better time to use free fuel in your financial institution's contests, giveaways and sweepstakes.


Credit Unions Dropping ‘Credit Union’ From Their Names

A reader of The Financial Brand recently asked, “Is there any credit union that does not use ‘Credit Union’ in the logo?” The answer is yes. It's an increasingly common trend as…


RBC Bank And The Redundant Acronym

RBC Centura Bank recently announced it is dropping Centura from its name and is now RBC Bank. This name change brings into a focus an interesting naming phenomenon in the financial industry:…


Capital Community Becomes ‘CapCom Credit Union’

[UPDATE: July 20, 2008. That didn't last long. The CapCom name is out, as the credit union has agreed to merge under DFCU Financial. The original story follows, unedited.] "Our former name…