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Best of Credit Union Marketing Reflected in 2013 Golden Mirror Awards

10 of the credit union industry's best marketing campaigns from last year, including a fun ‘Rubber Duck Derby’ and a crazy ‘Vampire Survival Guide.’



How Much Do Credit Union Marketing Executives Make?

Do you deserve a raise? See what this credit union study reveals about marketing salaries and bonuses for everyone from senior execs down to coordinators.



Weber Marketing Group Rakes In CUES Golden Mirror Awards

Clients of the world renowned credit union marketing firm have now captured 36 industry awards in 2012.



Best of Credit Union Marketing Reflected In CUES Golden Mirrors

Here’s a selection of noteworthy winners from 2012 CUES Golden Mirror awards competition honoring excellence in credit union marketing.



In Brief: E*Trade Superbowl Baby | Banks vs. CUs | Social Struggles

E*Trade runs a print ad promoting YouTube videos of Superbowl spot... Banks and credit unions have different marketing strategies... Plus 33 more headlines.



And Now, A Word From Our Sponsor…

This article shares some of the latest news, events and product/service offers from the organizations that make The Financial Brand possible.


The Future of Branches

[slideshare id=1436272&doc=thefutureofbranches-090514140430-phpapp01] "The Future of Branches" is another presentation by Jeffry Pilcher, Publisher of The Financial Brand and President/ICONiQ. It takes a look at trends in retail branch design, and examines the…


Credit Unions to Pay for Their Day in the Sun

Why are credit union executives frolicking around an exotic Caribbean resort while thousands of miles away, their industry's leadership cries to Congress about "hard times" and the need for a TARP bailout?…


Headlines, snapshots and misc. stories of interest

Here are recent stories of interest from around the web. Click on the hotlinked headlines to read more. Article blames WaMu problems on ‘café-style' branches An American Banker article suggests Chase's takeover…


The 7 Deadly Branding Sins

Here's a webinar titled "The 7 Deadly Branding Sins." These are the 7 biggest strategic errors financial institutions make. They are broad generalized observations based on my first-hand experience evaluating 75 financial…


The 11 Cs of Breakthrough Financial Brands

This is a fairly visual presentation, so not everything will make sense, but you should get the general idea without hearing the script. Also, check out the critical 9-point branding self-exam you…