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Marketing ROI in Banking: A Big Black Hole?

How can CEOs and CFOs figure out your marketing budget if you can't calculate your marketing ROI? Marketers must run the numbers and do the math.



The Dizzying State of Digital Media Buying Today

When it comes to media buying, the era when decisions were simple and straightforward has come to an end. With digital, everything is much more complex.



5 Questions Financial Marketers Need to Ask This Budgeting Season

Budgeting and planning season is a time for evaluating priorities and costs. It should also be a time for reviewing vendor contracts.



Digital Marketing Budgets in the Banking Industry Set to Explode

As financial marketers shift their attention —and dollars— towards online and mobile channels, it's clear digital advertising is the future.



Digital Signage Benchmarks for Banks & Credit Unions

How have financial institutions deployed digital signage systems, and how much are they spending? Find out here.



Marketing Must Evolve or Banks Face a ‘No-Growth Death Spiral’

Banks that don't fundamentally reevaluate and retool their approach to marketing strategy, budgets, ROI and data analytics are doomed.



The Toughest Challenges Financial Marketers Face in 2014

Here's what 40 bank and credit union marketing executives said was the biggest challenge they faced in 2014 — verbatim.



Bank Marketing Budgets: How Much is Enough?

The Financial Brand pulled marketing budgets from FDIC call reports for 256 banks in multiple asset categories. Here's what we found.



What It Costs To Target Today’s Financial Consumers

Where do consumers get their financial information, and how much does the banking industry spend to give it to them? Find out here.



Bank & Credit Union Marketing Budgets: Woes, Worries and The Sweet Spot

Research from The Financial Brand reveals the top concerns, tough issues and difficult challenges financial marketing executives face as they set their budgets for next year.



Strategic Planning & Budgeting: What Keeps Financial Marketers Up at Night?

There are countless budgeting issues that could be causing headaches for bank and credit union marketing execs today. What's your #1 concern for 2014?



5 Things You Should Know About Credit Union Marketing Budgets

The marketing budgets for the 100 biggest credit unions in the US reveal a number of insights that will surprise anyone in the banking industry. Here’s the rundown.



2013 State of Bank & Credit Union Marketing

This annual comprehensive scan of the marketing landscape in retail banking reveals financial marketers’ strategies, priorities and challenges in 2013.



2012 State of Bank & Credit Union Marketing

2012 won't be easy on financial marketers. Look at the findings from this comprehensive study and find out what's troubling everyone.


Can Credit Unions Afford a National Campaign?

The subject of a national campaign for credit unions has been widely debated over the years. Some argue about whether it should be a brand campaign or an awareness campaign. Others dispute…


BofA Shifts $40M Campaign From Brand to Products

Bank of America is shifting its ad focus from brand to products in a $40 million ad campaign for Q4. The campaign uses straightforward demonstrations to show how simple banking is at…


Financial Services Ad Spending Drops 10% in 2008

Nielsen just released its ad spending data comparing the first three quarters of 2008 to 2007. In the financial industry, advertisers have already made significant cuts, with presumably more to come in…


Credit Union Marketing Budgets: Too Much, Too Little?

The average marketing budget for most financial institutions (banks or credit unions) at any asset size should be around 0.1% of total assets. BofA, at $1.9 trillion, budgets $2.0 billion for marketing…


How Big Is BofA’s Marketing Budget?

BofA's annual marketing budget is $2 billion.


Marketing construction loans on a shoestring budget

Here's another creative marketing effort from the folks at Arizona State Credit Union. (If you missed The Financial Brand's previous coverage, check out their LOL Cats poster here.) With around $100 in…