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Regulatory Shocker On Social Media In Banking Coming Soon

Proposed regs for social media say banks and credit unions will need to have a formal written strategy, monitor social mentions and (gasp!) even measure ROI.



Reality Check 2.0: Social Media Myths & Facts

Is social media a game changer? Or just a bunch of hype? This free seminar will challenge how you think about social media in the financial industry.



Big Banks Pay Bloggers Big Bucks for Sales Referrals

Some banks pay bloggers as much as $150 for new accounts, a practice that raises some ethical questions — especially for Ally Bank.



In Brief: Least Evil Banks | Grace Period Fee | 6 Blogs

The 8 least-evil banks... BofA’s ridiculous $6 “grace period” fee... Wells Fargo's 6th blog... To tweet or not to tweet? Plus 15 other articles.


Datahead: Switching, Credit Cards, Social Media, Channels & More…

83% will or have switched banks… 1 in 4 bankers say innovation isn't important… These facts, plus more graphs, charts and numbers for financial marketers.


5 Ways Financial Institutions Can Use Social Media*

Five examples of specific situations where social media can be beneficial...along with some significant caveats.


What Is Social Media Really All About? Who Knows

Is it any wonder financial marketers are unclear about "social media" when even the so-called experts can’t agree on what it is or isn’t?


Why Social Media Is a Waste of Time for Most Banks & Credit Unions

11 reasons why social media has generally been unproductive for most financial institutions.


In Brief: Hello Branch 2.0 | Checking Webinar | Fun PR

Here are the articles, blog posts and other links from around the web that caught The Financial Brand's attention this week. Click on hotlinks to read the full story. Bye Bye Tellers...…


5 Reasons Banks Suck at Blogging

18% of banks and credit unions have blogs, yet many of them struggle for one or more reasons.


Branding Briefs For June 26, 2008

Deal or No Deal: Citibank considers flipflop on its "A Deal is a Deal" slogan @Gen X: Charles Schwab unveils Gen X web site Loan Sale: Credit union does $149 million in…


An employee speaks out against his CU’s name

An employee of Maine State Credit Union says in his blog that "people should be able to see your credit union's name and know if they are eligible for membership, without ever…


News briefs for December 21, 2007

Marketing: Blessington & District CU gives a car away at every annual meeting Marketing: American Airlines FCU gives away 5 cars in ‘Road to Success’ campaign Advertising: A regular guy notices and…


New media lessons from old school brands

You probably haven't picked up an issue of Adweek in quite a while, because what’s happening on Madison Avenue with the Budweiser account doesn’t really affect the financial industry. But a recent…