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Snarketing Archive

Ron Shevlin has been a marketing consultant for more than 25 years, working with the leading financial services, consumer products, retail, and manufacturing firms in the world. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and events. Currently, Ron is a senior analyst at Aite Group where he specializes in retail banking issues including sales and marketing technologies, customer and marketing analytics, social media, customer experience and consumer behavior. You can contact Ron with your snide comments and snarky remarks or invite him speak at your event by sending him an email. You can also follow Ron on Twitter.


Frontlining: Getting The Right Data To The Right Channel

The front line in the banking industry ain't what it used to be. Today, the primary point of influence is increasingly in the digital channel.



Why Is Social Media Marketing Failing?

There are two predominant explanations for why social media marketing is failing in financial services: 1) Poor execution, and 2) Wrong strategic context.



The New Product Development Dilemma In Banking

The new product dilemma: Larger banks are too big to turn the ship in a timely fashion, and smaller FIs have no one who knows how to turn the wheel.


Woman shopping dairy food in food store.

What Does It Mean To Shop Around For Financial Products?

The CFPB reported that nearly half of borrowers do not shop for a mortgage. That would depend on how you define "shop for."



A Sales Culture Is Not The Answer

Why are banks and credit unions obsessed with "instilling a sales culture?" — that's the last thing they need. Here's why.



Mobile Apps Are The Branches Of The Future

Vernon Hill said "no one wants a relationship with a computer screen." That may be true, but no one wants a relationship with a brick either.



UBS On Apple Pay: Drinking The Merchant Kool-Aid

UBS recently published a report titled The Empire Strikes Back: Retailers and Banks to Join Forces as Alternative to Apple Pay in 2015. The report is so full of misguided misconceptions that,…



Snarky + Marketing = Snarketing

We are proud to announce that Ron Shevlin, one of the banking industry's most respected thought leaders, has joined The Financial Brand.



A Lesson In Mobile Banking Economics

It doesn't matter how much less expensive mobile transactions are if they don't displace other channel transactions.



Branded Content From Banks And Credit Unions

FIs deploying content marketing strategies expect that producing content will enhance the organization's brand. That's not how it works.



Content Marketing For Banks

Banks haven't figured out if content is fodder to get customers to do something else, or if the content has value in and of itself.



Riding The Waves Of The P2P Lending Market

Claims that Lending Club is "disruptive" or that it will "end banking as we know it" are totally ridiculous. Lending Club is a niche player in the lending market, a fringe player.



Does Your Bank Need A Chief Ethics Officer?

I don't know how to fix the "ethics" problem in banking. What I do know is that creating a Chief Ethics Officer position won't fix much. Especially if banks creating the position don't first figure out what it's trying to fix.



Financial Education In High Schools: A Waste Of Time

Financial education is one of those "motherhood and apple pie" subjects. But spending time and money on financial education for high school students is a waste of that time and money.



Putting The Fizz In Apple Pay

David Evans wrote: "Apple Pay is fizzling. Unless it drastically changes course it will follow the hundreds of other attempts that have sputtered along, or have just flat-out died." My take: Apple Pay isn't a carbonated beverage losing its fizz. It's more like a wine that needs to be aged.



Why Consumers Should Fear Mobile Banking

The Financial Brand recently reported on a study conducted by GOBankingRates which found that a little more than half of consumers--56%--indicated that they have a "main concern" about mobile banking. My take:…



Round Round, Shop Around, We Shop Around

According to "Two years ago showrooming was something of a boogey-man for brick-and-mortar retailers. But shopping has changed since 2014, and while showrooming didn’t go away, it’s changed its form. Consumers…


Information Overload

Bankers’ Data-Driven Delusions

An American Banker article titled Bank CEOs Fear the Data-Driven Decision reported that: "A recent study found that analytics are underused at banks and that senior executives are cold to the technology:…



Are Bankers More Dishonest?

In an article titled Are Some Professions Less Honest Than Others? Bank On It, Researchers Find, the New York Times reported on an academic study which found that: "______ were about as…



Trouble For Small Credit Unions?

When it comes to blog fodder, at one of the spectrum are sources like Forbes blogs, Fast Company, and Motley Fool, all of which occasionally publish stuff so crappy it just begs…