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Payments Archive

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Consumers Still Love Plastic More Than Mobile Payments

Mobile payments continues to lack acceptance and usage despite increases in mobile banking and alternative payment use.



Offering of Mobile Payments Expected to Skyrocket by 2016

Sitting on the sidelines is no longer a viable mobile payments strategy in banking.


Mobile Phone With Mobile Banking Screen Over Dollars

Just Offering Mobile Banking is Not Enough

While mobile banking is being used by an increasing number of consumers, research indicates that penetration is far short of potential.



Apple Impacts Mobile Banking: For Better or Worse

Some banks believe Apple Watch, Touch ID, Apple Pay and Apple Wallet provide the foundation for a better mobile banking customer experience.



When Will Mobile Payments Reach Tipping Point?

Increasing mobile payment acceptance will require a better value proposition and understanding of security benefits.



Banking’s 38mm and 42mm ‘Branch of the Future’

Could the Apple Watch or other wearable technologies be the branch of the future for an expanding universe of digital consumers?


Colorful stack of credit cards and shopping gift cards.  Macro w

Battle For Mobile Payments: Guide to Universal Cards

An analysis of the universal plastic payments cards shows why these alternatives may be the bridge to mobile payments.


Hand Holding Mobile Phone With Mobile Payment Screen

Battle For Mobile Payments: Guide to Digital Wallets

With competition in the payments industry so intense, banks and credit unions can benefit from this analysis of the major players.



Will Stratos Make Consumers Forget Apple Pay?

In a crowded payments marketplace, Stratos Card hopes to replace current credit, debit and loyalty cards with an all-in-one alternative.



It’s Time To Accelerate e-Bill Adoption

Of all digital banking services, e-billing provides one of the most promising opportunities for billers and financial institutions.


Bitcoins On Smartphone

Millennials Driving Future of Mobile Payments and Digital Currency

Traditional payment instruments are declining as emerging technologies and currencies are more widely used, especially among Millennials.


Credit Card Security

Security Issues Shaping Consumers’ Payment Behavior

As concerns about payment card security increase, the factors that go into selecting a preferred method of payment are also changing.



How PayPal’s Venmo is Winning The Battle for Social Payments

Will the growth of PayPal's Venmo encourage other banks and credit unions to use social engagement in digital peer-to-peer payments?



When Will POS Mobile Payments Go Mainstream?

Should banking be concerned that despite massive media attention, mobile payments still represent only a small fraction of POS transactions?



Big Banks Promote Apple Pay Partnership

Before Apple Pay even been launched publicly, Apple's banking partners started heavily promoting their relationship in digital media.


Apple Pay Logo Small

Is Apple Pay a Banking Trojan Horse?

Apple Pay looks like a great collaboration between credit card companies, financial institutions and retailers. There could still be losers.



Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon Should Terrify Banking

Banks and credit unions should be more worried about the loss of payments insight than whether tech giants become banks.



It’s Time To Get Serious About Mobile Payments

Waiting for a mobile payments solution to emerge from the battle of traditional and non-traditional players is no longer an option.


Dollar George

The Real Barriers To a Cashless Society

Cash continues to be the preferred method of payment in the U.S. Why is this still the case in the digital age?


Dollar George

6 Reasons Why Cash is Still The King of Payments

Despite growth of debit and credit card use and heavy promotion of digital payments, cash is still the preferred payment choice of consumers.