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Community & Public Relations Archive


Credit Union Charity Fundraiser Results In Pies To The Face

After employees of Oregon Community raised $45,000 for the United Way, a few of them got to throw pies in the faces of senior execs.



Secrets To Success: Charity Cash Mobs For Financial Marketers

A pair of financial marketers share the front line lessons they've learned organizing cash mobs for charity, and the secrets to pulling off a successful event.



Credit Union Charity Campaign Shoots For ‘A Mile Of Smiles’

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but for WestStar Credit Union, photos of smiles could be worth thousands of dollars in free publicity.



Citi Bikes

Citi is sponsoring a massive 5-year bike sharing program in NYC for a cool $41 million. But any bank or credit union could scale back its own version of this nifty pedal-powered promotion.



Steal This Idea: Cash Mobs

Community banks and credit unions can demonstrate their support for local businesses by organizing groups of shoppers armed with cash.



Bank’s Innovative Charity Website Signals New Era in Community Giving

A unique website represents an emerging in corporate giving, where banks' customers choose which charities receive donations, not the board and management.



4 Ways ‘Bank Transfer Day’ Is Silly

Four avoidable shortcomings in this poorly conceived bank boycott will keep it from achieving its real potential.



BofA’s $5 Monthly Debit Fee: The Backlash, The Fallout and What It All Means

BofA's $5 monthly debit card fee could cost them 20 million customers.



Mobile ATMs: Banks on Wheels

Financial institutions talking about themes like “community” or “convenience” should definitely consider deploying a mobile ATM. Here's some tips to help you shape the customer experience.


Commonwealth Bank - Community Seeds Facebook Promo

Commonwealth Bank Uses Facebook to Give Money Back to Community

The bank's impressive Facebook app lets users vote to determine how much money 6 community groups will get.



12 Best Practices in Online Newsrooms for Financial Institutions

What it takes to build a robust virtual press center and maximize your PR exposure.



Bank’s Massive Guerilla ‘Break-Up’ Campaign Mocks Competitors

NAB punks its competitors with everything from Twitter stunts to banners strung from helicopters.



The Boston Globe and Banks vs. Credit Unions: A Misguided Argument

Why the Boston Globe and a pair of editorials about community financial institutions were grossly misguided.


BubbaLuvs That Credit Union SupaFan Promotion

The story behind a Pennsylvania credit union's local semi-celebrity BubbaLuv, a “supafan” with oversized sunglasses, a black sequin cape and a gigantic afro.


5 Ways Financial Institutions Can Use Social Media*

Five examples of specific situations where social media can be beneficial...along with some significant caveats.


Credit Union Launches ‘Check In for Charity’ Social Media Drive

A Texas credit union wants to know if people are interested in using Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook to make charitable donations.


Public Confused, Angry Over Credit Union ‘Bailout’

In less than a day, Google News listed no less than 300 different stories about the failure of three corporate credit unions. Many reports inaccurately characterized the conservatorship of these institutions and…


Chase Screws Up PR Royally After Website Fails

What's worse than a website crash? How about blowing communications about the problem…


Money Grows on Trees in RaboDirect PR Guerilla Stunt

Fascinating range of behaviors exposed by socio-pyschological experiment You’ve probably heard the expression, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” Well in Australia, that doesn’t seem to be the case. In May, RaboDirect conducted…


Citizens Brand: ‘Good Banking Is Good Citizenship’

Citizens Bank is dumping its current tagline, “Not Your Typical Bank,” and replacing it with a new brand theme, “Good Banking is Good Citizenship.” The bank will be using the “citizenship” concept…