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Hello, My Name Is… Truity, Bankwell, Ion, Align, Sage

A collection of 10 new and notable name changes from banks and credit unions around the world.



10 Noteworthy Credit Union Name Changes: Vibe, Widget, Nymeo

A review and analysis of 10 different name changes in the credit union industry within the last year -- Vibe, Trailhead, NuPath, Xplore and more.



ING To Rebrand As Voya Financial In The U.S.

The new name, which is short for "voyage," will be rolling out in the next couple years, but the company will be keeping its signature orange color.



The Weird, Wild And Wonderful World Of Credit Union Name Changes

The Financial Brand studied every name change in the credit union industry since 2006 -- all 234 credit union of them. Who's changed names, and what are the current trends? Find out here.



Nimble Rebranding

Cash Doctors knew their name was dated and it was time to find a new one. Read about their rebranding process and how they evolved into ‘Nimble’ in this Q&A interview.


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Q&A: The Art Of Branding And The ‘Scient’ Name Change

Sporting a new name and brand, this small credit union now looks like it’s punching well above its weight class. See how they pulled it off in this Q&A interview about the process behind Scient.



Capital One Drops ING Direct Ball, Triggering Reactions… And Fears

The loss of one of banking's most popular brands has sparked a strong public reaction. Would anyone squeal if your brand disappeared tomorrow?



Branding Beyond ‘Community’: WinSouth Repositions Its Identity

See how this small credit union with a generic name and bland brand transformed its identity to compete with the big boys.



PrimeTrust Financial FCU Rebranding

Hear what this small $145 million credit union had to say about its rollout a more professional image.



Hello, My Name Is… Logix, Alive, Vantage

Here’s a recap of 10 recent name changes in the retail banking sector -- what they picked and why -- the good, the bad and the ugly.



Bank Gives Free Mercedes Benz For $1 Million Deposit

A Florida bank's revolutionary CD promotion delivers instant gratification -- in the form of a new Benz -- as part of a brilliant name change campaign.



Bankers Conspire Against Credit Union In Brutal Turf War

A cautionary tale for credit unions toying with commercial loans: banks will battle you to the bitter end. How dirty can the fight get? Find out here.



Hi, My Name Is… BluCurrent, Fieldstone, Evolve, Catalyst

What's the rationale behind these new monikers in the retail banking sector? Here's a review of 11 notable name changes by banks and credit unions.



Merged Credit Unions Roll Out New Brand As They Form ‘Solarity’

In this "merger of equals," both credit unions agree to abandon their brands and go with Solarity. Why did they change names? And what does the new name mean?



Q&A: The Strategy Behind UMe Credit Union’s Rebranding

The Financial Brand sat down UMe FCU to talk about their recent name change. In this candid Q&A interview, you'll hear frank insights about the challenges involved with rebranding a financial institution.



Name Change Review: Argent, Talmer, Orion, Alloya + 4 More

Banco Popular has to dump its Spanish-sounding name in the US… The Bank of Maine struggles with the semantics of local branding… Plus six other name changes reviewed.



Renaming & Rebranding: Boomerang, Catalyst, Icon, iBank

11 recent name changes including Boomerang, Catalyst, Avidbank, Icon, Points West, Infinia, Astera and Luminus.


Name Change Review: 121, MidAmerica, MidUSA, Abri, Admirals

An analysis of 9 bank and credit union name changes, plus 1 that failed when members voted down the proposed name.


One Bank’s $1 Million Naming Mistake

Alliance Bank has prevailed in a trademark lawsuit against Customers 1st Bank who must now destroy all materials containing the Customer 1st name and find a replacement. Immediately. Only a few months…


Name Change Review: Salal, Quest and 6 Others

In few industries do you see players change names as often as you do in the financial space. Banks change names frequently because of mergers, while credit unions typically dump names that…