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Innovation Strategies Archive

It’s 1905 and Banks Are Afraid of Advertising

"A bank running advertising? That's absurd!" As ridiculous as it may sound, there was indeed a time when banks were afraid of advertising. This article from 1905 suggests banks were actually prohibited…


Robotic Safety Deposit Boxes

Has anyone actually seen this in action? It seems pretty cool. You access a secluded security room using an access card, PIN code or biometrics. Then once inside, you use your card…


Automatic savings plan tied to auto loans

A coalition of Indiana CUs have developed an automatic savings product tied to auto loans called DriveUp Savings. With the account, you can contribute up to 10% of the amount of your…


Wachovia Ties New Automatic Savings Product to Debits

Wachovia is making it easier to save money with an automatic savings system similar to Bank of America's "Keep the Change" program. Way2Save transfers $1 from a customer's Wachovia checking account into…


Interactive financial ads you’ll get a kick out of (literally)

North Island Credit Union in San Diego has taken interactive advertising a step further. Two steps, actually. With your feet. This isn't your typical "interactive advertising" (as in the "online" kind). The…