Search Advertising With Microsoft Bing Ads

Grow your business by putting your message in front of a high value audience of 22 million business/finance searchers per month that are not reached on Google.1

Why search advertising?

You know who and where your customers are, so you should be able to decide when and how to reach them. Search advertising provides you a flexible, cost effective and targeted solution with actionable performance data. Surfacing your site in search results is easy. In a matter of minutes you can create a search ad campaign and you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. You will get immediate measurements and tools to help you optimize your campaign along the way. Adding search advertising to your marketing mix gives you the opportunity to reach the millions of people searching on the web who are already interested in financial products and services you offer. If you’re using search advertising already, Bing Ads lets you easily import your campaigns directly from Google AdWords. Get started and reach the millions of searchers using the Yahoo Bing Network and start targeting your customers today!

microsoft_bingWhy Bing Ads?

Financial services marketers regularly encounter the challenges of high cost-per-click and narrow keyword sets in the search advertising marketplace. The Yahoo Bing Network can help financial services marketers by offering a 31% average lower cost-per-click and 85% average lower cost-per-thousand impressions than Google AdWords.2 With the Yahoo Bing Network, you can cost effectively market your services while connecting to our exclusive audience of 22 million business/finance searchers each month that are not reached on Google.1

Get started with $50 in free clicks

New to the Yahoo Bing Network? If so, you can enjoy $50 in free clicks to get your search campaigns off the ground. Connect with our audience of 168 million unique searchers who spent 4% more than Google searchers.3 Request your coupon in $50 in free search advertising from Bing Ads today.

Discover insights for your financial business

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1 comScore qSearch (custom), U.S., September 2013; industry categories based on comScore classifications

2 AdGooroo Special Report, Yahoo! Bing PPC Performance Metrics: What Search Marketers Need to Know About “The Other Search Engine.” March 2013

3 comScore Explicit Core Search (custom), U.S., September 2013; the Yahoo Bing Network includes Microsoft and Yahoo Core Search sites in the U.S.