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The Financial Brand has partnered with many of the most most important and influential players in the banking industry. These organizations are all world-class, and get a hearty thumbs up from The Financial Brand.

american_bankers_associationABA Bank Marketing

The American Bankers Association offers a tremendous array of resources specifically for bank marketing professionals. There’s an annual conference, a magazine, telephone briefings, and the School of Bank Marketing and Management, just to name a few. The ABA has put together this handy summary of everything they offer for readers of The Financial Brand.

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Codigo lets your financial institution deliver media messages directly to your branch audience and to those waiting on hold, helping to educate, entertain, and inform. With our online tool, you can manage campaigns strategically, targeting specific demographics to influence consumer behavior and boost your marketing ROI.

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CUES is dedicated to giving credit union professionals what they need to reach their greatest potential. Be sure to take a look at what CUES offers for marketers, and you’ll quickly discover smart avenues to brand awareness and financial growth.

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Credit Union National Association (CUNA), based in Washington, D.C., and Madison, Wisconsin, is the premier national trade association serving America’s credit unions. For 50 years, CUNA has been a leader in the financial education of members, providing credit unions with a comprehensive collection of resources that allow the dissemination of relevant and objective personal finance information in a variety for formats—in print, in person and online.

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The Financial Brand trusts DigitalMailer to deliver
over 1 million email newsletters every year to subscribers. DigitalMailer is a leading email service provider to banks, credit unions and financial vendors of all sizes.

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Extractable is a digital strategy and experience design firm that uses research and data insights to create compelling and personalized customer experiences across every digital touch point. Extractable’s team of experts are passionately focused on a specific range of digital services: Website Design & Development, Application Design & Development, Mobile & Tablet Design, Digital Strategy & Marketing, Branding & Visual Design, User Experience Design, Content Strategy & Development.

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2Getty Images

Getty Images is the world’s leading provider of images to banks and credit unions, including royalty-free photography, video and graphic illustrations. They publish The Curve, an in-depth analysis of visual trends across multiple sectors in the financial industry.

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bing_logoMicrosoft – Bing Ads

The Financial Brand frequently encourages bank and credit union marketers to advertise on search engines. That includes Bing, where financial institutions are seeing up to 10x the clicks for one-quarter the cost. When it’s time to plan your next search engine marketing campaign, be sure to put Microsoft’s Bing in the mix.

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weber_marketing_groupWeber Marketing Group

Weber Marketing Group tackles complex marketing challenges with fresh thinking and actionable strategies to make a significant difference in accelerating the growth and success of financial institutions across North America. Hundreds of banks and credit unions trust Weber Marketing Group as vital business partners to achieve transformational change.

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zagZAG Interactive

ZAG Interactive is an award-winning, full-service digital agency offering strategy, design, development and marketing to hundreds of banks and credit unions nationwide. Our experience with financial institutions spans from website redesigns and third-party integration, to managing integrated marketing initiatives to turn sites into vital revenue-generating and servicing tool.

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