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Branch Strategy & Experience

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East Hartford, CT
(860) 841-3271
Accubranch serves regional and community banks, maximizing the effectiveness of their branch network by providing state of the art locational research and prescriptive analytics, expert real estate transactional skills and experienced permitting and entitlement services.

Atlanta, GA
(404) 252-9995
Adrenaline is an experience design agency that creates and implements brands and retail environments. From idea through implementation, from physical to digital, from one channel to the next, we create it — then fuse it all together.

allen international
London, UK
+44 207 371 2447
allen international is a strategic design consultancy focused on financial services. Our vision is to be world leaders in financial services for strategic branding and retail design. Our mission is to create cost-efficient design solutions based on robust strategies which result in increased profitability for our clients.

Bancography LogoBancography
Birmingham, AL
(205) 251-3227

Bancography provides consulting services, software tools and marketing research to financial institutions in support of their branch, product and brand positioning strategies. Bancography offers branch planning and network optimization services in addition to Bancography Plan, a market analysis and branch planning tool. Bancography conducts primary marketing research to measure market and brand awareness, onboarding, satisfaction and attrition factors, and provides product and profitability assessments. Bancography also measures and evaluates an institution’s brand.

Send an email to Laura Levie, Marketing Director at Bancography.

Richmond, VA
(804) 343-1010
Translating exploratory conversations about your financial brand into a relevant experience for today’s shifting banking industry, Baskervill offers creative architectural, interior design, and MEP engineering solutions.

Seattle, WA
(206) 623-4646
Callison has been working with leading financial companies — from local credit unions to international institutions — providing solutions that enhance both brand position and the bottom line.

Consultants & Builders, Inc.
Norcross, GA
(770) 729-8183
Focused exclusively on the development of financial institutions. CBI provides a complete portfolio of integrated services to achieve our clients’ growth objectives on a local, regional and national scale.

Craft Architects, PLLC
Seattle, WA
(206) 720-7001
Comprehensive facility design and consulting services for financial institutions. Extensive experience with de novo and retail branch remodels, prototype development and roll-out. Programming, master planning, site design and complete architectural and interior design services for administrative facilities for banks and credit unions.

Crea International
Milano, Italy
+39 024 548 7558

Chandler, AZ
(855) 275-3274
DBSI helps banks and credit unions create highly efficient, profitable branches with a uniquely smarter experience. With over a 15 year track record and more than 3,000 completed projects per year, DBSI provides comprehensive branch transformation services such as design, technology, equipment, construction and facilities maintenance services.

DEB Construction
Anaheim, CA
(714) 632-6680
A premier general contractor in the California commercial construction industry with special emphasis on financial institutions.

DEI Corporation
Cincinnati, OH
(866) 749-6949

Milano, Italy
+39 02 87287092
An Italian design consultancy specializing in innovative and creative brands, spaces, products and services.

Eclipse Brand Builders
Alpharetta, Georgia
(678) 894-4360
Our in-house team has over 100 years of experience completing more than 500 financial facility programs including market/branching analysis, site selection, branding, architecture, interior design, construction and design-build services.

The Element Group
York, ME
(207) 361-4677
Designing retail spaces for bank branches and headquarter facilities, including everything from digital signage and merchandising displays to interior design to construction.

FDP Financial Retail Environments
+44 20 8444 2999
FDP is a design consultancy specializing in branding, network strategy, retail environment design and branch implementation for financial institutions across the world. We have worked with clients across 5 continents, including the UK’s first self-service branch, the first in-store bank, and the first fully functional interactive banking terminal.

Financial Supermarkets, Inc.
Cornelia, GA
(800) 992-4978
Celebrating thirty years as the official provider of The Supermarket Bank®, Financial Supermarkets, Inc. is the nation’s leader for attractive, functional, and professionally designed in-store and storefront financial centers. Financial institutions of all sizes partner with FSI to efficiently expand their branch network while maximizing touch-points with their customers/members.

New York, NY
(212) 492-1400

Gilmore Group
New York, NY
Gilmore Group specializes in partnering with financial brands to create transformative brand and design solutions that respond to the needs of clients, and resonate with consumers in ways that expand market share.

HTG Architects
Minneapolis, MN
Since 1959, HTG’s proprietary EVOBANK® Process (evolving-bank) has been providing, Solutions that make a Difference, on over 2,100 financial institution projects. When it comes to financial institution retail design, we are your trusted partner.

London, UK
+44 20 7613 4114
Specializing in branded experiences for banks in Europe, India and the Middle East.

Norcross, GA
(770) 381-2023
With more than 550 retail financial clients worldwide, IBT helps banks and credit unions build their brand, drive sales and achieve extraordinary performance through innovative design and construction .

Kiev, Ukraine
Branch concepts for retail, mass affluent, wealth management and private banking, specializing in Eastern Europe.

Image 4
Manchester, NH
(603) 644-0077
An award-winning agency, Image 4 is a team of designers who choreograph your customer experience. Our integrated marketing-design approach creates thoughtfully branded, experientially immersive financial environments.

Joyce Design Partnership
Boston, MA
(617) 522-0718
A full service architecture and interior design firm specializing in creative environments for the financial industry.

K4 Architecture + Design
Cincinnati, OH
(513) 455-5000
K4 is an Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design & Construction Services firm specializing in financial institutions.

Kiran Analytics
San Diego, CA
(858) 270-9950
Kiran Analytics drives intelligent branch transformation for retail banks through the application of predictive analytics, resulting in increased sales and service effectiveness, and reduced operational costs. Kiran’s solutions have been deployed in over 14,000 branches; helping forecast branch staff levels accurately, hire better people faster, and plan and schedule resources efficiently.

Atlanta, GA
(404) 761-0008
LEVEL5 partners exclusively with financial institutions across the U.S. to create and implement successful growth strategies using an integrated five level process — Strategic Consulting, Real Estate, Integrated Design, Construction Management, and Branding –- resulting in increased market share, growth, and profitability.

Boston, MA
(212) 521-0000
Combining strategic thinking and creative excellence to turn brand possibilities into business results.

Charlotte, NC
(704) 525-6350
Helping financial institutions of all kinds and sizes clearly brand their experience and environment. Specializing in both branch and HQ projects.

Fort Wayne, IN
(888) 747-6444
We help financial institutions find potential locations that yield the best return on investment possible, and partner with you to develop those opportunities.

MG Architects
Houston, TX
(713) 552-0707
Founded in 1938, MG Architects is a leading architecture and design firm specializing in financial design, with a reputation for beautiful, functional and economical banking environments that elevate the customer experience and accelerate business.

Seattle, WA
(206) 267-1900
Momentum is an integrated design-build firm located in Seattle and Pittsburgh. We provide facilities solutions that enable our partners to gain competitive advantage and attain higher levels of organizational performance.

Seattle, WA
(206) 223-4999

NELSON is a full-service architecture, interior design and strategic planning firm specializing in the financial industry. Services offered include: Strategic Branch Planning, Strategic Operations Planning, Architecture, Interior Planning, and Design, Managed Construction, Properties/Facilities Department Development Assistance, Tenant Planning and Management Services and Construction Management Services.

Milan, Italy
+39 0248005713
900+ brand new point of sales: concept, prototyping, layout & design, branch network roll-out.

St. Louis, MO
(636) 898-8100
NewGround helps financial institutions master the power of their space–through strategy, design and implementation– to create next generation workplace and retail solutions. With offices throughout the United States, NewGround specializes in retail services, design and build, and digital signage and content for banks and credit unions.

Nova Retail Group
Portsmouth, NH
(603) 294-4482
Designing better brand experiences with retail communications, brand engagement, merchandising and design/build.

Point Design
New York, NY
(212) 625-9993
A retail design firm helping banks enhance their identity and efficiency by creating an effective branch environment. We look at banks as retail stores, and customers as retailers, and we approach bank design as we do all retail projects — from the customer’s point of view.

Principia Design
Barcelona, Spain
(34) 932 159 154
Expertise in planning, architecture and design responsible for more than 25 projects in the banking sector.

PW Campbell
Pittsburgh, PA
(800) 253-7430

Vancouver, B.C.
(604) 682-6881
60 years of experience and a distinctive approach to architecture, interior design and planning. Experienced in providing award-winning design solutions for financial institutions.

The Redmond Company
Waukesha, WI
(262) 549-9600
Consulting and design/build services for financial institutions.

Reilly Design
Dover, NH
(603) 343-2298
Creating inspired retail environments for financial institutions of all sizes nationwide.

Right Site Systems
Dallas, TX
(248) 318-9052
Right Site Systems provides location research and planning guidance primarily for community and regional bank and credit unions. We offer all the skills and resources used by major banks to make branch location decisions without the cost of a dedicated full-time staff.

R.W. Larson Architects
Warren, PA
(814) 728-6010
R. W. Larson delivers creative solutions that foster interaction and encourage positive work environments, with design expertise in architecture, site/space planning, interior design/brand integration and client directed construction delivery methods.

Henderson, NV
(702) 380-1959
A global company that helps banks create unique and memorable customer experiences that lead to sustainable, mutually beneficial relationships.

Signer, Inc.
Brooklyn, NY
(212) 206-7526
Signer is a brand implementation consultancy. We help companies optimize brand experience and performance in built environments.

Rocky Hill, CT
(860) 838-3875
Solidus is a research, strategy, design and construction company specializing in the financial industry. We use the integrated project delivery method to design and build branches, whose interiors are focused on retail communications and merchandising.

Lebanon, OH
(513) 282-6158
Environments + Branding + Graphic + Product Design = TRIUR, an integrated strategic branding, marketing and interior design consultant located in southwest Ohio.

Weber Marketing Group
Seattle, WA
(206) 340-6111
One of the largest financial branding and retail branch design firms in the US and Canada, with over 1,400 branch environments. Our innovative digital and prototype branded branches help set our clients brands completely apart. We provide a wide array of strategic branch network strategies, market analysis, branch design consulting, branded retail merchandising design, fabrication and installation and digital signage systems.

Wincor Nixdorf
Retail banking hardware, software, and services, primarily self-service transaction systems.

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