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Credit Unions Archive


Q&A: The Strategy Behind UMe Credit Union’s Rebranding

The Financial Brand sat down UMe FCU to talk about their recent name change. In this candid Q&A interview, you'll hear frank insights about the challenges involved with rebranding a financial institution.


Community Banks vs. Credit Unions

Perception vs. Reality: Do People Get More From Credit Unions Than Banks?

Some credit unions pay significantly lower rates on deposits than community banks, so is it fair to characterize credit unions as a better value?



How Much Do Credit Union Marketers Make? And Are They Happy?

Credit union marketers are less happy, working longer hours and earning less -- especially women, who outnumber men 3-to-1 in the industry.



The Startling State of Social Media in Credit Unions

This study proves that no strategy + no budget + no staff + no time = no success.



Best of Credit Union 2011 Diamond Award Winners

A collection of 14 terrific projects -- everything from word magnets to microsites.


Why Are Credit Unions Tax Exempt? Do You Really Know?

If you think credit unions are tax-exempt because they are not-for-profit, member-owned cooperatives, think again...



The Boston Globe and Banks vs. Credit Unions: A Misguided Argument

Why the Boston Globe and a pair of editorials about community financial institutions were grossly misguided.


BubbaLuvs That Credit Union SupaFan Promotion

The story behind a Pennsylvania credit union's local semi-celebrity BubbaLuv, a “supafan” with oversized sunglasses, a black sequin cape and a gigantic afro.


2010 Brand Rankings for Credit Unions

Bancography, a financial services consulting firm, released its 2010 rankings for its Bancography Brand Value Index (BBVI), a quantitative ranking of the brand strength of all US banks and credit unions. The…


Public Confused, Angry Over Credit Union ‘Bailout’

In less than a day, Google News listed no less than 300 different stories about the failure of three corporate credit unions. Many reports inaccurately characterized the conservatorship of these institutions and…


Credit Union Ads Admit Two-Pronged Truths

A new series of television commercials from Denver Community Credit Union admit two tiers of truths -- the good reason and the real reason.


US Bank Steals Page From Credit Union Playbook

If you’ve never heard of Dell Credit Union, Ohio State University FCU or Kohl’s Credit Union, there's a good reason. They don’t exist. It might have something to do with the branches…


3 Credit Union Microsites – The Pros and Cons

Mystery Monkey Tour Contest Financial Institution: GTE Federal Credit Union Microsite: An escaped Rhesus Macaque monkey in Tampa then evaded capture for over a year, traveling across tree tops and through…


Wanted: Vice President of Unbanking

Connex Credit Union in Connecticut, whose slogan is “Unbank With Us,” is hosting a contest for a paid internship with a grand title, “Vice President of Unbanking.” Amy Stanton, AVP/Marketing at Connex,…


Free Checking Not Dead Yet at Credit Unions

"With free checking accounts becoming less prevalent in national banks, credit unions can be an invaluable resource for the average consumer." — Greg McBride, According to a study by, 39…


Death Panel for America’s Smallest Credit Unions?

Credit unions are celebrated for their smallness much more often than they are maligned by the ABA for their bigness. They are frequently lauded by the mainstream press, Congress and money management…


6 Reality Checks About Credit Union Community Charters

For some credit unions, a community charter may be their only avenue for survival. But for all others pondering an expanded charter, they seem to dwell on starry-eyed possibilities without acknowledging some…


In Depth: Fort Worth Community Promo Campaigns

In 2008, Forth Worth Community Credit Union launched a new brand platform developed by Third Degree Advertising. The agency says the strategy behind the "You're Worth More" positioning was to differentiate Fort…


Credit Unions Dropping ‘Credit Union’ From Their Names

A reader of The Financial Brand recently asked, “Is there any credit union that does not use ‘Credit Union’ in the logo?” The answer is yes. It's an increasingly common trend as…


Teacher to Win One Year’s Rent From Credit Union

OnPoint Community Credit Union, based in Portland, Oregon, is looking to honor the area’s top educators with The OnPoint Prize for Excellence in Education ( One Educator of the Year will have…