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Branding Archive

9 Points About Financial Branding

In the January 2008 edition of Credit Union Business magazine, correspondent Lin Grensing-Pophal writes that the “small town, homey brands” many credit unions have simply doesn’t cut it when expanding into business…


Gen-Y CU staffer defines financial branding perfectly

Never mind that the author of this blog post is only 21, this kid nails it: “The best way to draw people in is to show how you are different from a…


A look back at NewGround research from 2004

The Northwestern Financial Review ran a story back in 2004 on research conducted by financial consulting firm NewGround Resources. The study included 480 credit unions. From the article: Only 2% of those…


Ahead of their time: ‘Redbrand Credit Union’

In 1889, Peter Sommer invented a machine that wove steel wire fence to replace traditional wooden timber fences, making life easier for millions of American farmers. His invention spawned a midwestern steel…