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Dividends: A Huge Differentiator for Credit Unions

Filene recently released an excellent report that tackled this question: "What is 'the credit union brand' good for?" It's a fair question. In the war for retail financial services, the battle line…


Intentionally Left Bank

"Intentionally left bank," is the only thing Seattle Metro Credit Union's billboard says. How many financial institutions run billboards that look this uncluttered? (Note: This is actually a full-color photo. That's what…


Redneck Bank Is Sure to Git Yer Attention

This ain't no joke. Honest to gosh, Redneck Bank is fer real. Redneck, the online direct division of Bank of Wichitas, caters to a "Larry the Cable Guy" crowd -- you know,…


Secretive Bailout Banks Fail Transparency Test

The financial industry has suffered the most severe blow to its image in generations. Everything from TARP bailouts to multi-billion dollar ponzi schemes has left consumers reeling from a loss of trust…


Podcast: Jeffry Pilcher on Financial Branding, Naming

Late last month, Tim McAlpine over at Currency Marketing conducted a 40-minute podcast interview with Jeffry Pilcher, the editor/founder here at The Financial Brand. Advice and comments on financial branding follow a…


Hopefully You Didn’t Get This Bank’s Cheap Gifts

Did you get a lame gift for Christmas this year? If you got a phony jar of homemade jam, a fake star adoption certificate, or a cheap computer printout of a seascape,…


This Credit Union Bulldogs the Competition…Literally

USA Fed is using a tough-but-loveable bulldog to take aim at "fat cat" bankers. Spike, the $700-milion CU's new "spokesdog," encourages non-members to join the credit union and enjoy special offers. In…


Merged Bank Uses Guerilla Tactics to Launch New Brand

"What we tried to do is replicate the surprise and delight tactics that happen within each TD Bank store." -- Greg Siano, EVP/Tierney Communications After a few naming hiccups earlier in the…


Credit Union Members Vote on Logo Makeover

"I'll be honest, there were initial apprehensions. But this soon gave way to excitement." -- Cas Scott, Companion CU Marketing Manager To support a new brand theme, "We're Listening," the members of…


A “Proven Method” for Undermining Your Brand

Here's a story from a reader of The Financial Brand. We'll call her Erica (that's not her real name). Erica got a letter from Chase a month ago. The letter informed Erica…



Is It a Branch? Or a Store? It’s Deutsche Bank’s Q110

Deutsche Bank built a revolutionary branch prototype back in 2005, something it named Q110. Besides being a gorgeous architectural statement, the branch is one of the most progressive you'll see anywhere in…


‘Banking’ Isn’t the B-Word Credit Unions Struggle With

People still argue about whether credit unions should use the word "banking" or not. The concern is that if credit unions use the B-word, they make themselves more like banks. If legislators…


Sydney Credit Union Generous with ‘Free Hugs’

Sydney Credit Union recently relaunched as SCU and rolled out a new brand theme, "More Generous Banking." To celebrate the launch, SCU sent out street teams across Sydney conducting "Random Acts Of…



This Danish Bank Branch Is Beyond Cool

In the Danish market, Jyske Bank has introduced a whole new way of delivering financial services, using the theme "Jyske Differences." Jyske says its "blazing new trails in interior design" with its…



The Amazing Money Maze

With economic upheaval on Wall Street, many Americans are looking for answers on a wide range of financial matters. O Bee Credit Union is telling people to "Get lost!" Literally. In a…


The 7 Deadly Branding Sins

Here's a webinar titled "The 7 Deadly Branding Sins." These are the 7 biggest strategic errors financial institutions make. They are broad generalized observations based on my first-hand experience evaluating 75 financial…


Mission, Vision, Values… And The Missing Piece

Some financial institutions have mission statements. Some have vision statements. Some have both. Some companies have a defined list of core values, while others don’t. One thing is for sure: There is…



Harris Bank Says It’s ‘Here to Help’

Harris Bank recently unveiled a new branding campaign to drive home the bank’s "here to help" message, a slogan the bank has used for the past two years. Harris expects to reach…



5 Things HR Must Do to Build Your Brand

In order for your brand to thrive, employees must be on board. Here's 5 ways HR can do to help instill a branded culture and get staff living the brand.



Four Myths About Bank & Credit Union Slogans

Financial marketers should keep these four myths in mind when creating taglines for banks and credit unions.