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Articles by Jim Marous

Jim Marous is co-publisher of The Financial Brand and publisher of the Digital Banking Report, a subscription-based publication that provides deep insights into the digitization of banking, with over 150 reports in the digital archive available to subscribers. You can follow Jim on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Why You Should Be Worried About Your Bank’s Board of Directors

Financial institutions need to increase the level of technology expertise at the board level to respond to new digital challenges and opportunities.



7 Things Bankers Must Know About the Digital Generation

It's critical that financial marketers understand the Digital Generation if traditional banking providers hope to avoid defections.


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The Future of Mobile Banking: Market Shift or Market Growth?

As the shift to digital accelerates, the banking industry continues to under-perform other industries, however larger institutions are performing better than smaller ones.


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Turning Mobile Banking Into a Sales Machine

The mobile banking app is the most underutilized and potentially most effective sales channel.



Millennials Like Mobile Wallets … Just Not From Banks

Banks and credit unions need to improve mobile wallet offerings before digital consumers get comfortable to using non-bank alternatives.


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Cultural Shifts Critical to Transformation Success

Employee behavior during periods of major change must be understood — and then modified — for an improved customer experience and to keep the workforce happy.


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How Digital Investments Are Changing the Face of Banking

The benefits of digital banking investment is starting to provide a significant competitive advantage for the largest banks.



Banking Industry Still Falling Short of Consumer Expectations

The banking industry continues to under perform in the most significant areas of consumer needs, including safety, fairness and personalized service and recognition.


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Preparing for the Generational Shift in Banking

Financial institutions must use data-driven technology, insights, communication and rewards in order to acquire, engage and retain Millennials.



Lessons Pokémon Go Can Teach the Banking Industry

What lessons about technology adoption, gamification, data analytics and engagement can banking learn from this mobile app?



Predictive Analytics: Think Big, Start Small… Just Start Now!

Predictive analytics helps financial institutions to better understand consumer needs and to provide personalized and contextual experiences.



The Transformation of the Digital Banking CIO

Banking CIOs need to acquire new skills and assume new responsibilities while fostering a collaborative start-up culture.


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Don’t Ignore the Power of In-App Mobile Marketing

One of the most powerful, and least used, selling tools for banking is in-app mobile marketing.


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The Future of Digital Banking is Now

Here are four primary alternative ways to become a more digital banking organization.


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Financial Marketers Must Adopt a Digital Customer Journey Perspective

Customer journeys in banking must be digitized to reduce costs, increase revenues and improve satisfaction.



7 Ways to Succeed With New Customer Onboarding

Successful new customer onboarding is the key to generating a positive ROI on recently sold products and services.


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Being ‘Just a Bank’ is Not Enough

Tomorrow's successful banking providers will leverage digital capabilities to offer more than just traditional banking products.