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Advertising Archive

Casting call: Credit union TV ad contest draws 37 entries

In a recent TV ad contest, 37 entrants produced a 23-second spot telling people why they should join SELCO Community Credit Union. Big cash prizes helped fuel a healthy turnout during a…


Citi Retreads Old Slogan, Recycles Marketing

Citi recently unveiled a new brand campaign bearing the firm's old slogan “Citi Never Sleeps.” The original version of the slogan, “The Citi Never Sleeps,” was first used by the firm 30…


Bank’s ads about “tough times” coincide with its first loss

Last Wednesday was a big day for County Bank. First, the bank unveiled a new ad campaign with the tagline "Times are tough." Indeed times are tough...especially for the bank. Later that…


Is HSBC’s Position as a ‘Worldwide Local Bank?’ Even Possible?

HSBC tries to position itself as a "globally local" bank in this minute-long TV spot about cultural differences. After showcasing a couple things you shouldn't do with your hands and feet in…


Happy Banking banner ad

Happy Banking

Singing kittens. An interview with a talking flower. Make believe statistics. Surely the "Happy Banking" campaign from Australia's BankWest seems a little strange at first. That's because it is a little strange.…


Datahead: Facts on TV and online financial ads

A study by Bigresearch says this is what people do when TV commercials come on: 41.2% of viewers take a peak at what's on other channels 33.5% talk with others in the…


Another high-quality TV spot from Charlotte Metro

The latest TV commercial from Charlotte Metro Credit Union stars Charlotte Bobcats head coach Sam Vincent and player Jared Dudley. They share the stage (or "court," to be more accurate) with a…


Credit union TV spots feature former NBA star

In 2007, Charlotte Metro Credit Union, rolled out an ad campaign featuring former NBA star and CMCU member Muggsy Bogues. The most recent spot, which is airing on FOX, ABC and NBC…


Chase launches massive ad campaign

Chase plans to spend $70 million in the next two and half months on the new "Chase What Matters Most" campaign. The ads, in black and white, will promote the bank’s range…


Interactive financial ads you’ll get a kick out of (literally)

North Island Credit Union in San Diego has taken interactive advertising a step further. Two steps, actually. With your feet. This isn't your typical "interactive advertising" (as in the "online" kind). The…


YouTube logo

Credit Unions Utilization of YouTube Increases

Informal research conducted by The Financial Brand indicates a significant increase in the utilization of video sharing tools such as YouTube by credit unions. Search results for "credit union" on YouTube went…