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Creative Showcase: Dumpster Ads, Asphalt Stencils, Legos

The First National Bank – Dumpster Ad

Perhaps the most unusual media placement for a bank ad ever — inside the lids of garbage cans. They are literally throwing advertising dollars in the trash. Will consumers feel this kind of advertising is appropriate? Or will they snicker at a metaphorical irony that’s hard to escape?


IBT – Parking Lot Stencils

A creative reminder from Foundry Advertising that even seemingly insignificant spaces present branding opportunities.


ibt-disguised-as-asphalt ibt-recreational-walkers

Getty Images | Visual Trends 2015

Harborstone Credit Union – Lego Business Pieces

This business banking promotional kit comes from credit union marketing firm Jay-Ray. Each box contained a set of Lego building blocks and a mini-construction worker. Harborstone hand-delivered these boxed invitations to local businesses, inviting execs to attend the groundbreaking ceremony at a new Harborstone Credit Union branch.


First Community Bank – Enjoy Unbig

This brand advertising campaign is linked by a microsite with six games like the “Unbig Fun Maze!” and the “Unbig Crossword!” You can see one of the TV spots below, and the other three here, here and here.


Australian Central Credit Union – CG TV

A relatively simple-yet-effective 15-second spot for personal loans produced with computer-generated graphics.

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Legacy Banks – Rebranded Identity

Ad agency Smith & Jones won a 2009 American Graphic Design Award for this rather conservative corporate rebranding.


Chase – Phone Tree

The copy says that “using Chase by Phone is easier than ever.” That may be, but the flow chart screams of confusion, frustration and lots of button-pushing. For a bank with trillions in assets, you’d think they could pony up a couple hundred bucks for a designer who knows how to use more than PowerPoint?


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  1. Eugene Kozorovitsky says:

    A true “Aha” moment upon reaching the Chase call tree. Although not thoroughly well executed on their part, the idea of implementing call trees guiding the navigation of automated calling systems is enlightening.

    More organizations need to consider developing such “trees.” No doubt I would have appreciated one on numerous occasions.

    Fine catch, FinancialBrand! Find some more examples of efforts done right.

  2. Thanks, Jeffry. Inspiring as always. Love this collection of ideas. Especially love the parking lot stencils.
    Glad you showed the Lego pieces for Harborstone. I’m still curious to know more ideas about how credit unions are growing through business services and what other ideas/implemenations are out there.

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