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Over 1,000 Names for Banks & Credit Unions… For Free!

Here’s the easy way to pick a new name for your bank or credit union…and run into some serious trademark problems while you’re at it. All you have to do is pick something from Column A and pair it with Column B, like “First Choice Credit Union” or “NewView Bank.”

First 1st
Service Star
Community One
Your Oak
West View
North Way
South Trust
Financial Financial
Sun Crest
Premier Advantage
Prime Point
New Choice
Members Center
All Horizon
Horizon Eagle
Regional United
New Coast
Partners Valley
River Family
Secure Service

You can also switch it up and pick something from Column B first:

  • Service Secure Credit Union
  • Horizon First Bank

You can even pick just one word from either column and just go with that:

  • Sun Bank
  • Advantage Credit Union

Throw in a few terms of your own (how about “Green?”), and you can easily yield a name list with a thousand names. “Green Horizon.” “Greencrest.” “Greenview.”

Reality Check: Pick a name using words like these and you run the very real risk of getting sued and having to start over. Just because there isn’t already a financial institution in your area — even your entire state — bearing a name you like, doesn’t mean you can use it, nor does it prevent a trademark lawsuit. Someone, somewhere is using something similar.

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  1. I call dibs on All Eagle and First 1st!

  2. You guys are funny.

    The redundant redundant names remind me of the conversations we’ve had about DFCU Financial Credit Union.

  3. Sun Star Credit Union – We’re out of this world!
    Service Service Bank – We have more service than anyone, and we’ve got the name to back it up.
    Horizon Horizon Credit Union – A better day is always just out of reach.
    First One Bank – Where we wish we were listed in Google search results.
    Financial Financial Credit Union – We’ll never be hit with UBIT (Unrelated Business Income Tax).

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