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Creative Showcase: Cool Website, Dump Your Bank, Power of Un

Progress Bank – Website

Isn’t this one of the more simple and interesting websites you’ve seen for a financial institution?

Colorado United Credit Union – “Dump Your Bank”

A microsite that explains the difference between banks and credit unions, with a call-to-action to make the switch and “dump your bank.”

Standard Bank – Brand Ad

The ad for this South African bank reads, “When you’re young, anything free is good. With a Standard Bank youth account, you get four free ATM withdrawals or debit card swipes, four free cash deposits a month and so much more. Standard Bank. Inspired. Motivated. Involved.”

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NRMA Insurance – “Un” Website

This website uses Flash-based claymation to present one of the most boring subjects known to man — insurance — in one of the most fun, casual and creative ways you’ll ever see in the financial industry.

Sofia Bank – “Experience Reborn” Brand Ads

These ads for a Finnish bank feature über-sophisticated babies with the headline, “Experienced, although newborn.” creative metaphor, although most people probably prefer their bankers be a wee bit older, wear a few more clothes, and poop their pants a little less often.

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Tinker FCU – “Buck the Norm” Mobile ATM

The Tinker FCU mobile ATM is fully wrapped with brand messaging. It can be found on any given weekend at various events around its service area. For the Norman Music Festival, the credit union slapped its ‘Buck The Norm’ promo on top of the wrap.

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  1. Hi Tara,

    I’m a big believer in the mobile ATM idea. I hear a lot of financial institutions talk about getting on Facebook because “that’s where Gen-Y is.” True, but they aren’t doing a lot of banking on Facebook (nor do they want to). But they do need money at concerts, sporting events, community events, etc., so the mobile ATM is a great way to reach out and help consumers when/where they have needs. It’s a fantastic resource for members, and a great way to expose non-members to the credit union — all while distinguishing yourself with a unique delivery channel.

  2. I am very excited that Buck The Norm (an initiative for TFCU in Okahoma City) is in such progressive and international company. Thanks for the nod! Tara.

  3. Definitely. It’s one thing for a credit union to say, “let’s get on Facebook.” Or “we need some of that social media.” But it’s quite another to get serious about 1.) really positioning yourself to be relevant Gen Y, operationally and through your credit union story and 2.) be willing to devote some real man power to reach out to them, not just online but in face-to-face interactions. TFCU has really leveraged their mobile ATM for this use. And while they couldn’t rewrap their ATM mobile in Gen-Y specific graphics just for those events, vs. the general branding look and feel, they found a clever way to “package” it up when the need arose.

  4. Ok what’s w/ these sites and broken links? The Progress Bank site is pretty, but the top nav (personal banking, about us) isn’t working on their Business Banking page, which happened to be the first one I clicked on: http://www.progressbankfl.com/bchecking.html

    Dump Your Bank – humorous, though I clicked on About and then the “Credit Unions vs. Banks” link in the body copy (http://www.dumpyourbankcolorado.org/about.html) which doesn’t work.

    How about a little QC folks?

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