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Killing the Blandness That Plagues Banking Brands

After submitting this article to The Financial Brand and asking us to publish it, the author, a partner at MBLM, changed their mind. Even though this article was popular with readers, generating thousands of pageviews and exposure for the author and their firm, there was a surprising change of heart, and they asked that we pull the article down. Out of 3,000+ articles published on the site, this is a first. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The Financial Brand suggests the following articles on branding as an alternative:

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  1. Greg Shaver says:

    Excellent points. Well said.

  2. Great article. Am interested in if the author believes any banks or credit unions do this well. If so, who?

  3. Seems a lot of mentions that few have reached this panacea you speak of, but there was no examples of who those few may be or even examples of non-banking brands (and please, don’t use Apple).

  4. 10 Of The Best Banking Brands To Watch

    10 More of the Best Banking Brands to Watch

    Not sure it’s fair to refer to the solution the author is presenting as a “panacea.”

  5. I missed the post before it was pulled, but there may have been some internal pressure to pull it. Not all management understands the value of creative branding.

    I remember a few years ago I was interviewing for a Marketing Director position at a financial services company and was having a lively discussion with the President. He asked me about advertising and I talked about the banker ads that all look alike–suits lined up. I explained that these types of ads make the bankers feel good but they are usually a waste of money; you never remember who the ad was for because they all look alike–a line-up of bankers looking at the camera. I went on to suggest a couple of other approaches that would make the ads much more memorable and effective.

    Well, I did not get the job. The tone of the meeting changed right then and there! His bank was currently featuring just such an ad and he was apparently very happy with a more traditional approach–whether it was effective or not.

    I am thankful that The Financial Brand shares original branding ideas with bank marketers (and hopefully some of the more traditional bank execs get exposed to them, too.) Community banks need to be more original in order to differentiate themselves from their competitors and compete more effectively with big banks!

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