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Countybank Cooking Up Biscuits for Breakfast

It looks like a fresh-baked biscuit. But it’s really a direct mail piece (pictured above) sent out by Countybank down in South Carolina.

This clever campaign, targeting businesses in the bank’s area, offers new business customers a free biscuit breakfast for up to 13 people — delivered right to your doorstep — as long as you’re willing to meet with a Countybank representative.

Countybank kicked things off in late September with teaser billboards with a picture of a biscuit and a simple question: “How do you like yours?” The billboards bore no name, no phone number, no Countybank logo.

The bank then updated the billboards with a URL, howdoyoulikeyours.com. Earlier this year, Chemical Bank in Michigan used a similar tactic with its teaser billboards.

Finally, the bank updated the billboards with its logo and slogan, “Business banking the way you like it.”

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The howdoyoulikeyours.com microsite invites businesses to “enjoy a fresh biscuit breakfast or lunch,
for you and your employees, just the way you like it. If you’re a business owner or manager, just tell us
how you like it and we’ll get cooking.” (click to enlarge)

The microsite is super simple. There are only two pages — the landing page and the ordering page. All you have to do is give your name, title, company, address and phone number. Then you can order up to 13 breakfast biscuits, with four different kinds to choose from:

  • plain
  • sausage
  • sausage, egg and cheese
  • bacon, egg and cheese

You can even specify what time of day you’d like your breakfast delivered.

“That’s it, no purchase requirement, no strings,” the website says. “Just mouth-watering biscuits, the way you like.”

Countybank’s business services include cash management, employee benefits, insurance, payment processing, succession planning and wealth management. They are all bundled together under the name BizKit.

BizKit. Biscuit. Get it?

As Countybank explains on its microsite, “We thought it’d be a nicer way to say hi and introduce the BizKit, business banking custom-made to your business.”

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“Bank ads all look similar”
Bill Jenkins, Marketing Director/Countybank

Bill Jenkins, Marketing Director/Countybank, understands the value of standing out in an industry plagued by me-too look-alikes. In an interview with the NY Times, Jenkins said, “Bank ads all look similar. They’re great… if you suffer from insomnia.”

Bottom Line: The campaign — including direct mail, online, outdoor and print ads — cost $20,000 (biscuits not included).

Agency: Zlotnick Group

The inside of Countybank’s diecut biscuit mailer. It looks long on copy, but when you think about how creative
this promo is, it’s safe to assume most recipients will spend some time with it. The offer for the free biscuit
breakfast could be a little more obvious though — see how long it takes you to find it.

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  1. From a word of mouth marketing standpoint, there are a couple things that make this a pretty good campaign. #1 it’s relatively fun/surprising/quirky, which tends to spark conversation. #2 the fact that it’s based around this microsite is nice because it’s makes the message easy to pass along (you can forward that website to 10 friends with a single email).

    Also, until I read in your post that BizKit=biscuit, I didn’t get that connection….which I actually think is a good thing. In my experience probably 9 out of 10 banks would have made that connection way too punny and cheesy, beating the reader over the head with the pun. The subtlety of the concept is good because the reader gets a little extra delight when they realize the connection between BizKit and biscuit.

  2. You’re absolutely right about how they handled the pun Jeff.

  3. You’re absolutely right about how they handled the pun

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