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Bank Switchers Who Love Checks Willing to Pay More Fees

Some banks have begun charging fees for new service offerings such as mobile check deposit. However, it may make more sense to charge fees for old services like unlimited check writing and paper monthly statements.

By Rob Rubin, Managing Director, Novantas

In May 2013, 3% of shoppers on FindABetterBank selected checking accounts that had monthly service fees of $20 or more. Not surprisingly, many of these shoppers are able to avoid these monthly fees because they maintain large balances or have existing relationships with the institutions selected. But shoppers’ requirements for certain features — like unlimited check writing — also influence which checking accounts they prefer.

Demand for unlimited check writing privileges continues to decline as consumers adopt other payment methods. But those selecting unlimited check writing as a “must have” feature were three times more likely to select checking accounts with high monthly service fees. Marketing departments should consider pushing more of these shoppers towards premium accounts by limiting check writing privileges on low-end accounts (e.g., 10 checks per month).

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Shoppers Wanting Unlimited Check Writing Are More Likely To Select Premium Accounts

Base: FindABetterBank Shoppers May 2013

Base: FindABetterBank Shoppers May 2013

Insights from Rob RubinRob Rubin is Managing Director of Novantas Data Services. His research leverages insights captured from thousands of bank shoppers every day while they are actually thinking about- and in the process of shopping for a new bank.

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