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25 Of The Coolest Vehicle Designs From Banks And Credit Unions

Most financial institutions own a fleet of vehicles, and some even put a few stickers and graphics on them. But few go this far. Here are 25 of the more interesting designs The Financial Brand has seen.

#1 – Michigan First Credit Union’s “Young & Free” Ride

The credit union recruits a new Gen-Y spokesperson every year. One of the perks of the job is a free ride. Not bad, wouldn’t you say?


#2 – CommunityAmerica’s “Getaway Car” and “Escape Mobile”

The credit union came up with these vehicle wraps to support its promotion. Drive around in one of these things and you are definitely going to get noticed. Great detail on the graphics.



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#3 – BankPlus “Community Collage”

Lots of financial institutions slap photos of people on their vehicles, but they are usually huge stock photography faces with cheesy fake grins. This concept captures the mosaic of personalities that make up the fabric of “community” — a theme many financial marketers struggle to connote.


#4 – Vantage Credit Union’s Honda Cube

You don’t have to wrap a Honda Cube to turn people’s heads. The brilliant turquoise wrap only exaggerates the crazy/cool vibe these rigs emit.


#5 – AltaOne Credit Union “Good Deeds Mystery Wagon”

AltaOne wrapped this car in banana yellow graphics, then sent out street teams to conduct anonymous “good deeds” around town such as paying a family’s dinner bill. The only information the street team provided was a simple printed card with little more than a web address,


#6 – Idaho Central Credit Union Van

This may be the only corporate vehicle owned and operated by any bank or credit union in the world with a flame job… and it’s green!


#7 – UT Federal Credit Union “Orange & White” VW Bug


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#8 – Warren FCU


#9 – Tri-Counties Bank “” Mobile


#10 – HarborOne Credit Union “Festive Smart Car”


#11 – Bucks First Credit Union “Project Flipside”

Part of the credit union’s Gen-Y outreach program.


#12 – Dubuque Bank & Trust “Pink Ribbon”


#13 – Citizens Bank “Hummin’ Along”


#14 – SpareBank 1


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#15 – Scott Credit Union “Big Barkers Kidz Club” Hummers


#16 – Global Credit Union


#17 – Five Star Credit Union “Patriotic SUV”


#18 – American National Bank “Mobile Banking Mobile”

Why not use your vehicle wrap to promote banking products?


#19 – Commonwealth Bank “Start Smart”

A vehicle used by the bank’s community outreach team.


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#20 – Illawarra Credit Union “Red Camouflage”

This tiny Australian credit union enlarged its logo — an illustrated red tree — to giant proportions to create an aesthetically pleasing texture on their branded car. It’s simply, but classy.


#21 – Jax FCU “Blue Scion”

The airbrushed pin-striping makes this design.


#22 – Seasons FCU “Do You Kasasa?”


#23 – QNB “Day Glow Orange Minivan”

Hey, if you’re going to get saddled with a minivan for your financial institutions branded vehicle, at least do something like this to it.


#24 – FNB Alabama “1963 Minibus”

Retro cool. Nothing says “we’re frugal” quite like a 50-year old car.


#25 – MidWest America Credit Union “Zamboni”


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  1. #4 is a Nissan, not a Honda

  2. Linda Douglas says:


    What a nice surprise to see our beloved Young & Free Michigan Cruzer at the top of your list this morning! We are honored and humbled with the recognition – creating a fun and attention-getting vehicle wrap was one of our favorite projects (especially here in the Motor City :-).

    If you’re ever out Michigan First’s way, let us know – we’d be glad to take you for a spin!

    Thanks again!

    Linda Douglas
    Michigan First Credit Union

  3. Hello,

    I am with the Credit Union Association of the Dakotas in Bismarck, ND! We just recently have had our vehicle wrapped. It’s a Dodge Journey and her name is CU Carla! Let us know if you’d like some pictures of her! She catches a lot of attention!

  4. Absolutely Kaitlyn. Please send an email with pics!

  5. Jeremy Hamilton says:

    Thank you for the recognition on the Warren Federal Credit Union KIA. Our design was done by or partner, Warehouse Twentyone at We are honored to be in this group of selected rides. The other autos looked amazing!

  6. Chad White says:
  7. We were so happy to have stumbled upon this. We did vehicle wrap #9 for our local tri-counties bank! They provided us with the design that we setup to fin the shape and curves of the vehicle and our certified 3m installers installed a flawless wrap….we’d love it if you could link back to our site 🙂

  8. Michelle Gish says:

    I need to see that vehicle from Kaitlyn please!

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