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Branch Showcase – ING Pumpkin | NAB Test Lab | Robot Greeter

This big portfolio of 10 branch design projects from around the world includes 32 photos and two videos — everything from robot greeters and Star Trek-style touchscreens to pumpkin themes and tellerless cafés.

ING Direct – Enter The PumpkinSubscribe Today

Only in Italy will you find financial institutions brave enough to admit using a pumpkin as the inspiration for their branch experience. ING Direct in Italy uses this orange, ovular theme as the centerpiece of its Milan branch. Other features include NCR cash recyclers and iPads. Project by Newtone Architects.







Unibind | Financial Products

ING Bank – First Branch in Turkey Without Traditional Tellers

ING Bank and allen international worked together to create this bold branch boasting a dynamic color palette, café-style benches, universal bankers, a Q-matic queuing system and iPads.






Unibind | Financial Products

NAB – Test Lab

NAB, one of the big four banks in Australia, partnered with Crowd to build this branch test lab. The facility allows operations and service teams to explore new ideas in a simulated branch environment.




Bradesco Bank – Robot Greeter

This Brazilian bank couldn’t resist putting a robotic greeter in its new Sao Paulo “branch of the future.” The branch is a wonderland of tech: biometric ATMs, Star Trek-style touchscreens for transactions, “smart walls” that automatically turn oblique when customers enter service areas. The concept was developed by YDreams. The robot came from ID Mind. Photo credits: Egberto Nogueira, Fast Company.





Bradesco – Bank of the Future

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Postbank – Spartan Blue Tech

An open and obstacle-free space, with a view from front to rear — designed to reflect the former Dutch bank’s “transparent services.” Project by Storeage.




Steinbach Credit Union – Circular Layout

Steinbach Credit Union says the radial pattern in this branch facilitates collaboration by providing an open layout with a visual focal point. And defense of the branch’s unusually large size (some 42,000 square feet), Steinbach says this “reflects the labor-intensive manner with which the credit union seeks to serve its members.”



Hapo Credit Union – A Promising Sign

The signage ordinances must be extremely lax in Kennewick, Washington where Hapo Credit Union is headquartered. This sign is so eye-catching, so hypnotic… wait, where were we? …that it’s bound to make an indelible impression on everyone who sees it.

Hapo Credit Union – Business Complex LED Display

Unibind | Financial Products

Michigan First – Major Student Branch Makeover

Currency Marketing worked with IBT to transform this unattractive and uninviting student branch into a lively, branded space for Michigan First Credit Union’s Young & Free program. Look at the before and after photos and you can hardly tell it’s the same space.



Me Bank – Workplace Branch

The five meter-square kiosk is a mini high-tech branch which operates on an employer’s worksite. It includes a video phone to access ME Bank’s call centre, a private office space for meetings with a banker, an ATM, and access to internet banking. The first of these was deployed for phone company giant Telstra, in their Melbourne contact center.


Eurasian Bank – Glass Touchscreen

Just because this bank is in Kazakhstan doesn’t mean they can’t test drive cool new technologies, like this super slick flat-panel glass touchscreen. The branch was designed by allen international.



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