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Best Of The Web: Big Data | Gamification | Social Media Credit Scores

Here’s what’s making the new this week around the world in bank and credit union marketing. Big data may help banks find ‘new silk roads,’ but most are sitting idle on a goldmine of data they already have. Maybe they should toy around with gamification instead… 39 stories total!

Big Data: How banks can use analytics to find ‘new silk roads’

Forget Big Data… Financial marketers sit idle on existing data goldmine

Trend Watch: 10 digital marketing predictions for the financial industry

Gamification: Are banks ready to play?

Q&A: The daring CMO of NAB offers her insights to financial marketers

The Next Wave of Banking Competition: Here’s what it looks like…

Ethics Scandal: Barclays employees told to sign code of conduct or quit

Sweet! An unusual (and tasty) tell-a-friend campaign from Umpqua Bank

Make Banking Easier… And customers say they’ll pay for it!

Do People Care Enough To Switch Banks? Not really…

Now That’s Depressing: ING Direct ad about anxiety ignites social outcry

FNB Ad Debacle: Brouhaha proves bank marketing and politics don’t mix

Too Cozy: CFPB investigating relationship between colleges and banks

Kiosk & Display | Digital Merchandising for Financial Institutions

Prepaid Debit: Is it the new checking account?

Infographic: Which banks get the most CFPB credit card complaints

Get ‘Moven’: Why this startup bank dropped ‘Bank’ from its name

March 18-19: Bank Innovation 2013 in San Francisco

Delivery Channels

Ugly Math: Making branches profitable

Closed: Say goodbye to more bank branches

Cross-Selling: Targeting online banking users by lifestyle segment

Mobile Banking: 9 marketing ideas to get more mobile customers

Video: Very slick demo of a PFM interface integrated into online banking

Branch Design: Are American banks falling behind?

Banks Still Don’t Get Mobile: But neither do researchers…

Bancology: Grading retail banking technologies

Free Webinar: 9 ways to evolve your branch model and accelerate performance

Bank Robbers: Are they a dying breed?

Kiosk & Display | Digital Merchandising for Financial Institutions

Social Media

Social Media Credit Scores: Startups test brave new lending models

Top 10 Banks On Facebook: BofA has the most (788,897)

#5Trends: Social media in the financial industry

Tips From The Trenches: First Direct on social media in a regulated industry

Social CRM: Integrating social channels with customer service in banking

Strategy Q&A: Social media manager at major financial firm shares insights

LinkedIn: Banks may find tasty demographics in the professional social site

Medios de Comunicación Social: Venezuelan bank now biggest on Twitter

Credit Unions

Branding Checklist: 5 marketing action items for 2013

Case Study: SEO strategy boosts Catholic FCU web traffic by 62%

Mortgage Harmony: GTE Financial lets members refi with one click

Deadline Coming: Entries for CUES Golden Mirror Awards due soon

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