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Financial Marketing News: GoBank, USAA’s Mobile Account Opening

Here’s what’s making the new this week in the world of bank and credit union marketing. Everyone’s abuzz over GreenDot’s launch of a name-your-own-fee checking product. Also, mobile continues to revolutionize banking… thanks primarily to the cameras equipped on every device. And Facebook usage varies widely among credit unions. These stories plus 28 more!

GoBank: Startup lets customers name their own price for checking

Deleveraging: Has it come to an end in the U.S.?

Face of Retirement: BofA app shows customers how they’d look when they’re old

Credit Union Says No To Print Ads: Growing loans via email instead

Q&A: Mintel addresses 8 great questions about bank marketing today

10-Year Mortgage: Credit union offers unusual home loan product

Flex & Stretch: Financial Fitness Fridays at Regions Bank

Financial Literacy… For professional athletes?

Now Hiring: Corporate Bank Marketing at Union Bank in SF

Help Wanted: US Bank seeks Advertising Manager

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Delivery Channels

Mystery Shop: Account opening process at major U.S. banks

Smartphone Cameras: The key to mobile banking’s future

Mobile Breakthrough: USAA taps camera for new account opening

Last Chance: Learning from ING Direct before it vanishes forever

Email Fail: Citibank’s website has broken contact option (try it yourself)

10,000: That’s how many new mobile banking users BofA is adding… daily!

Branch Density: # of branches per people reported for various U.S. states

Cool Tech: Diebold ATM syncs with smartphones for cardless withdrawals

Financial Spa: The architectural strategy for a unique branch (PDF)

Going, Going… But branches aren’t gone yet

Mobile Banking Forecast: Smartphone and tablet use in the U.S.

Remote Deposit Dollar Limits: Time for this to end, says Mitek

2012: The Year of the Banking Website Makeunder

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Social Media

Facebook Usage: Varies widely among credit unions

Q&A Interview: Standard Chartered answers 10 questions on social, mobile

Heavy Metal: Capital One mobile banking video campaign features rock band

Credit Unions

Generational Marketing: 8 life stage-appropriate programs for CUs

Good Year: Small CU bangs out $105 million in loans last year

Cash Back Auto Loan Promo: $75,278 paid to 765 loan applicants

Happy New Year: Stanford FCU offers auto loan refis to kick off 2013

Community Drive: AEA makes good on $10,000 auto loan charity pledge

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