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Best of the Web: OWS Controversy, Deposits Soar, Mobile Forecasts

OWS Controversy: Danske Bank lands in hot water over Occupy imagery in ads

Balance Sheet Woes: Bank deposits surge $2 trillion more than loans

Best & Worst: Forbes ranks the 100 biggest banks

Living on Credit: Americans set record for credit card spending

Fee Aversion: BofA backs off plans to impose more new fees

Hopes & Dreams: Why these make lousy marketing themes in banking

Inside the Foreclosure Factory: They’re working overtime

Blocked: BofA prevents employees from accessing popular financial website

Responsibility: Getty Images explores symbols of “integrity” in financial services

Culture Building: TD Bank equalizes benefits for same-sex couples

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The End is Near? Bankers share opinions on the end of the branch

Back to the Office: BofA makes popular work-from-home program more restrictive

Self Service: Chase pilots more tech to automate branch activities

Brick & Mortar Design: Automating the branch (while keeping customers happy)

Banking Bus: Credit union builds a staffed branch out of a bus

Branch on Wheels: Bank rolls out mobile ATM to serve remote communities

Online, Mobile & Social

Mobile Banking Forecast: Phones will be for transactions, tablets for account management

Mystery Shop: How big banks compare on service/support via email

They All Look Alike: Customers think mobile banking is the same everywhere

Mobile Payments: Study shows consumers keenly interested

Social CRM: Most UK banks embrace social media for customer service

Fresh Paint: UK financial institutions introduce new website designs

Multi-Channel Optimization: Major Aussie bank announces social media strategy

Kiosk & Display | Digital Merchandising for Financial Institutions

Product Marketing

Cross-Channel Integration: Using branches to sell mobile banking solutions

DM Case Study: Credit union integrates auto loan mailer into website home page

PFM is Good: So why don’t more people use it?

‘Like’ This: How credit unions are using Facebook to generate loans

Sneak Peek: Discover Bank’s  new online Cashback Checking

High Tech Credit Cards: MasterCard debuts “Display Cards” with LCD screen, PIN

Credit Unions

Member Growth: How about a Cost Per New Member Performance Index?

Bonus: Paying members dividends creates a real, meaningful point of distinction

Mystery Shop: What is your frontline staff really like?

Having Fun: CUs use superheroes, zombies, pork rinds and diapers in marketing

12/12/12: Credit unions with promos built around this unusual calendar date

Federal Charter: Canadian credit unions can now serve the entire country

Million Dollar Savings Challenge: Notre Dame FCU meets goal

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