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Your Vote Counts: Best Banking Blogs 2012

Sorry, the poll is closed. To view the results, please visit this page.

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  1. Thank you for citing Bank Innovation as one of the best banking blogs of 2012.

  2. Since publishing this list, a number of banking industry insiders have brought blogs to The Financial Brand’s attention that we were previously unaware of:

    TekFin by Yann Ranchere

    Perficient Financial Services Blog

    The Bold War by Michael Nuciforo

    The Financial Brand will be following these blogs in 2013. Each of them appear to have original, high-quality content, and will definitely be considered for next year’s list.

  3. What if the best banking blog was not written in English?


  4. Tough choices! I am honored to have so many friends on the list. I will definitely have to vote via secret ballot…

  5. I would also include to your nominee list

  6. Thanks for the nominating Financial Marketing Insights. We’re in good company.

  7. Thank you for including my site. However, I would like to ask you to create subcategories. How about a “Best Banking Blog With A Bad Attitude” category? I’m looking for something in which my site will have no competition.

  8. Thank you for including Discerning Technologist from @leimer as part of the best banking blogs of 2012. I have included a few additional candidates to consider for 2013 (or as 2012 write-in candidates) here:

    Good luck everyone!

  9. Rob Findlay says:

    I hope got some attention this year although its in hibernation at this present moment. Reopening in 2013!

  10. Great list. I already read several of the nominees; look forward to adding more to my reading list.

    Emily McCormick

  11. Now that the polls are closed and all of the write-in and provisional ballots are being counted, I wanted to thank you for both the nomination and the ability for the hard work that is done by all of the publishers to be recognized. As I mentioned in my post about the honor (, the vast majority of the blog writers provide insights on their own time with no financial benefit. We do it for the love of the industry and the people we are surrounded by.

    It would be negligent, however, to leave out the ‘leader of the pack’, The Financial Brand. Your content is always strong and consistent. Your perspective is fresh and challenges the status quo. With an industry in a constant state of flux, and with financial executives wanting a reliable source of insight, The Financial Brand is the gold standard we all look up to.

    Thank you for setting the bar so high and for being such a great sounding board for when we get writer’s block or need to kick around an idea for a post. I think it is safe to say we are all going after second place in the reader’s choice awards.

    Bank Marketing Strategies

  12. Thanks Jim. Your kind words and feedback are appreciated. Not sure if this makes any difference or not, but I don’t consider The Financial Brand to be a “blog,” at least not in the classical sense. I see it as an online banking industry trade publication, and try to run it accordingly — more research and journalistic fact-based reporting than opining soap-box style. Ultimately, The Financial Brand’s mission is to provide financial marketers with resources, ideas and insights they can use to do their jobs better, smarter. I try to execute this mission passionately but objectively, and with an open mind.

    Jeffry Pilcher, Publisher
    The Financial Brand

  13. I missed the opportunity to vote for my favorite best banking blogs but happy to find out many top blogs at one place. I am familiar with some blogs listed above but most of them are new and packed with lots of useful information for us.

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