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In Brief: Mail Fail | Outlook 2012 | Clicks or Bricks?

Mail Fail: One of the worst letters sent to a bank customer ever

Crystal Ball: Raddon predicts how 2012 will play out in the retail banking sector

Forget Cashless & Branchless: It’ll never happen…

Outlook 2012: Deposit and demographic forecast broken down by region

Strategic Planning: A good, short essay on the fundamentals of retail banking

In the Era of Greed… Meet USAA, America’s Good Bank

Bank Innovation 2012: Digital banking conference in SF, March 28-29

Data Digging: Banks harness new tools to peer at consumers’ financial psyches

When Did Insurance Get Funny? Everyone’s using humor, no one’s differentiating

Loyalty Pays: Opportunities await those with attractive debit/credit rewards schemes

Short Sales: Banks now paying homeowners cash to avoid foreclosure

Breaking Up With Banks: Why customers switch and how banks can avoid it

Win a Cow: Standard Bank promo to award two cows as grand prize

Mango Money: Partners with celebrity George Lopez to target Hispanics

Cards & Cachet: A celebrity’s name on prepaid cards has been a scarlet letter

Name Change Case Study: Huge article detailing United State Bank’s process

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Delivery Channels

That’s About -18%: Novantas says banks need to shed 16,000 branches

From 12 to Ø: How a small credit union survived after closing all its branches

David vs. Goliath: Small banks fall further behind in race for mobile services

Remote Control: Spanish bank creates app that lets customers bank on smart TVs

Chart of the Day: Online services bank customers currently use

Staffing & Efficiency: Gonzobanker’s smart dissection of strategic branch issues

Bank Branches: Alive and thriving (just like pencils)

Clicks or Bricks? Disruption, disintermediation and distribution in banking

An iPad First: Citi launches app with tools for credit card users

Mobile Adoption: BofA drives app downloads via iAd campaign

Phishing: BofA, Google, Facebook partner to beef up email security

X-Ray Hackers: Info off RFID credit cards stolen through clothes, wallets

Social Media

How To Book: A Practical Guide to Social Media in Financial Services

Mobile or Social? 530 million mobile banking users vs. 800 million on Facebook

Goal Saver: A social savings platform for banks

Show + Tell: AmEx launches social media how-to video series on LinkedIn

Kiosk & Display | Digital Merchandising for Financial Institutions

Credit Unions

League of Their Own: A credit union exclusively for pro athletes

Inconvenient Truth: ABA spokesperson blasts away at CU tax exemption

Triples Refis: Seven Seventeen CU promotion boosts loan volume up 3x

Cool Ts: CUNA Marketing Management School launches T-shirt design contest

MAFCU to Go: Small CU rolls out mobile branch service

Pressure Mounts: Credit union groups keep pressuring NCUA to dump Suze Orman

Niagara Falls: Canadian CU industry holds marketing conference June 4-6

Happy 75th! Unitus has fun ideas for its 75th anniversary celebration

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