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In Brief: Video Tellers | Job 2.0 | Remote Deposits

Video Tellers: BofA testing video ATMs linked to tellers

Faulty Logic: Dropping debit rewards programs because of Durbin…

Strategic Planning: Banks are data hungry and decision-challenged

Disintermediation: It absolutely will not happen to banks

Misleading: New Massachusetts bank commissioner criticizes ads

Bold Threat or Big Talk? Americans say they’ll bolt over new bank fees

Build Better Emails: 5 tips out of 30 from a free whitepaper

$1 Million: Donated to Japan through Wells Fargo ATMs

Celebrity Status: Credit union brand ads tied to well-known spokespeople

PFM: Promises banks more than loyalty

Strategic Branching: Bank rolls out EasyPlan branches to capture market share

Run as One: Sun sets on National Bank brand as ANZ opts for one brand

MoneyStrong: A cool, well-designed youth program from Jeanne D’Arc credit union

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Online, Technology & Social Media

Job 2.0: Future in banking jobs may be in social media

Mobile Fees? Will banks target mobile banking in the next round of new fees?

Young & Free: Popular Gen-Y campaign has lessons for banks

Young & Free: Celebrating its fourth consecutive year (and still growing)

Online Marketing: 4 things banks need to do

Remote Deposits: How US Bank gets it right with ‘Deposit Point’

Debate: Can you offer remote deposit without offering other mobile services?

RDC: Online banks Ally and ING DIRECT working on solutions

Facebook Sweepstakes: Bank’s “Share Your Dreams” contest

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