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25 Bank Mascots

Financial institutions use mascots to create a fun, festive presence at events like parades, fairs and branch grand openings. Many banks and credit unions have created mascots to support their kids clubs/accounts, notably Harris Bank’s widely loved Hubert the Lion. Sometimes these mascots transcend their original purpose and can wind up being the spokesperson for the entire organization, making appearances in nearly every single ad and marketing piece.

Financial institutions pick some predictable characters to reflect a fairly standard range of personality attributes — friendliness, strength, wisdom, etc. Dogs and lions are the most common creatures chosen for bank mascots, however other animals like eagles, owls, tigers and bears are used as well. There are a few exotic — even mythical — creatures used as bank mascots, including a whale, dolphin, hippopotamus, rhinoceros and a dragon. Some banks create costumes out of their logos, while plenty of others choose the hackneyed piggybank concept.

Does your financial institution need a mascot? Doubtful. If you’re extremely active in the community and sponsor a lot of events every year, then perhaps a mascot character could help you maximize your investment. But be careful with the design process. Put a lot of thought into what will best represent your organization and its values. And whatever you do, don’t cut any corners. Most financial institutions with a mascot are already at risk of looking pretty hokey and stupid… a cheap suit is sure to cinch the wrong image in consumers’ minds (as the last costume in this article does).

RBC – Leo the Lion

PNC Bank – Linky

US Bank – Captain Shield

Bendigo Bank – Piggy

Key Bank – Key

Chase – Chase the Dog

Harris Bank – Hubert the Lion

ABSA Bank – Piggy Bank

Ulster Bank – Henry the Hippo

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St. George Bank – Happy Dragon

Commerce Bank – Mr. C

Metro Bank – Metro Man

Bank Atlantic – 7

Maybank – Yippie

Raddon | Strategic Guidance for Accelerated Growth

Nittany Bank – Nookie Monster

County Bank – Buck

Piedmont Community Bank – PC Bear

Butterfield Bank – Vern

Waukesha State Bank – Friendly the Eagle

Nadra Bank – Whale

Wells Fargo – Jack the Dog

In gold rush days, Wells Fargo agents sometimes had dogs to help guard Wells Fargo treasure.
This dates back 143 years, accompanied by the motto, “Alert & Faithful.”

Andhra Bank – Dolle the Dolphin (India)

DiBa Bank – Otto the Rhinoceros

Unknown Bank – Lion Suit

Norwest – Barney the Snowman

Citizen’s Bank – Logo

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  1. Paul Amisano says:

    Metro Man = Justin Timberlake on SNL. Bring it on down to Metro-ville!

    Whales and Dolphins, but no Sharks, huh?

  2. Using a pig as a mascot is clearly a nod towards the piggy bank, but since a pig also conjures the notion of greed, I can’t help but wonder if the pig mascot is such a good idea.

  3. Shannon says:

    How about a little love for well done credit union mascot campaigns? True I *may* be biased, but LGFCU mascots Zoey and Josh have a pretty awesome and educational campaign with the “gang” in Penny Hollow:

  4. Angie D says:

    Thank you for providing ammunition to quell the desire among some at my CU to go down the mascot route.

    But really, Nookie Monster?

  5. Pauls Stull says:

    The Financial Brand knows how to push my buttons. My dislike for mascots is well documented. How many more marketing interns and well meaning tellers need to pass out from heat exhaustion before we end this practice?

    Mascots have been frightening children and making financial institutions look bad for years.

    Before you rush to buy that furry suit please remember:

    How does this reflect or relate to your brand?

    What is the purpose or reason or goal you want this device to accomplish?

    Is it just cute or does it have a business purpose?

    Will you ever actually have to wear this costume?

    After answering these questions you should make a commitment to reject any conclusion that actually supports moving forward with a purchase.

    Need more proof, just check out The Nittany Bank Nookie Monster above and think about all the jokes that have been made about a bank promoting ….well nookie!

  6. I don’t know Paul…you and Barney the Snowman in Arizona…priceless! LOL Yes, marketers, step away from the mascots and focus. Enough said.

  7. I specialize in designing brand mascots. They are one of the most powerful marketing tools a company can use to build a strong brand, if they are designed and deployed the right way. There are some do’s and don’ts that I use to guide clients with regard to brand mascots. For example, don’t let your brand mascot share the spotlight with other characters. Don’t use a brand mascot to promote a luxury item or something with such a distinctive feature or benefit that the character detracts from it. Brand mascots are best for highly competitive market arenas where it is hard to differentiate players. You can read more at my Web site,, and see our collection of over 100 stock brand mascot clip art sets for small businesses.

  8. Tom Heiman says:

    Hello, I have to agree with what Mr Thompson has said, a mascot or brand character, when done well can be a valuable asset to a banking institution, bringing kids and their parents along for a fun time, rather than how banks can sometimes be perceived through the impersonal use of ATM’s, overdraft fee’s etc…
    I only stumbled upon this page as I was looking for information on a character and mascot that we created and produced for PNC, Linky. While a “what is it” type character, he is certainly fuzzy, furry and huggable, and has done very well as PNC brings him along. We also have done one for Lone Star National Bank, Cash Cowboy which also is bringing great results into their brand campaign. With over 30 years dealing in mascots and characters, we know with great conviction that mascots CAN be great Brand Ambassadors. Check us out at for all the potential your financial institution may have. Thanks

  9. Ernest Okwuedoe says:

    Good day people. I am a staff Fidelity Bank in Nigeria and we are currently in need of a mascot that we can use for a game. So please kindly suggest to me the kind of game and mascot we can use. Thank you.

  10. Hi All
    Here in Denmark almost every bank has their own mascot, and the kids love them. We have “invented” a handfull of these mascots and we have produced even more as amazing mascot costumes. Take a look at our website

    Kind regards

    Peter Ibsen – Ibsens Fabrikker A/S

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